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2 30 Days Paid Vacation Leaves Within 1 Year At National Guard

Last October 1, Abba Personnel Services Inc. participated in the Make Way For K.S.A. event, an online orientation where our partner licensing agency Tracker Credentialing Inc. discussed the many reasons why Saudi Arabia is still a viable work destination for nurses. All 75 Filipino RN attendees learned about our rebuttals to their usual hesitations to apply in this Middle East country. They also discovered the many job opportunities that are readily available to them, and how Tracker can help them be prioritized by Abba or other recruitment agencies. Events about Saudi Arabia rarely come by, so it was such an honor to be invited to this one. If you were one of the Filipino RNs that have attended, please don’t hesitate to leave Tracker a message on their Facebook Page or through 0949-182 4226 / 0917-157 2853.

One of the employers that we featured in the event was the National Guard Health Affairs or the NGHA. NGHA is an integrated medical complex composed of medical cities scattered in various regions of Saudi Arabia. As the primary health care provider of the National Guard forces and civilian employees, it is a government hospital that enjoys financial stability and unwavering support from the Arab government. Through the years, NGHA has earned international recognition for its devotion to medical science, research, and the professional advancement of its staff, making it one of the very few institutions in the region that is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). It has giant facilities in Riyadh, Jeddah, Al-Ahsa, Dammam and Al Madinah, all of which offer two (2) 30-days paid vacation leaves within a 1 year contract to Staff Nurses!

You read that right: In addition to being a secure and well-recognized employer, the NGHA offers this unique vacation leave benefit to nurses. Each set of leaves comes with free roundtrip airfare and may be scheduled 6 months apart from each other within the nurses’ 1-year contract. This allows nurses to spend a fifth of their NGHA employment duration outside of the hospital, which is extremely important to their mental health nowadays.

Here are the details of the rest of its package:



  • 100% tax-free monthly salary of 4,335 SAR

  • SP Bonus of 250 - 2,250 SAR

  • 2 30-days paid annual leave with free roundtrip ticket for each set of leaves

  • free accommodation

  • free transportation

  • 1 year initial contract, renewable

  • most cost-efficient application among all of NGHA's POEA-licensed recruitment agencies


  • 2 years of solid post-license work experience in the area of specialization

  • maximum of 1 year of work gap

If you are qualified and interested, you may send your updated CV to For questions or concerns, you may contact Neth through 0917-704 7380 / 0918-286 1880.


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