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November 2009 Nurse Board Exams Sets New Records

The November 2009 Philippines’ Nursing Licensure Exams (NLE) has established many records of sorts, as follows:

1. It has the most number of takers, 94,462 of them, in the history of the NLE. The next highest number of takers was in the NLE of December 2008, when 88,649 took the twice a year exams.

2. It has the lowest percentage of passing, with only 39.73% of takers passing (37,527) the exams, which makes it the “most difficult “NLE so far. The second lowest was the NLE of June 2009, when the passing rate was only 42.13% ( 32,617 passed, out of 77, 901 takers).

3. It has the most number of people passing the exams, with 56, 935 passers. Because of the sheer number of takers , 90, 000 plus, the NLE of November 2009 has correspondingly the most number of RN’s who will be sworn in, on two dates, March 08 and March 09, at two sessions on each date.

Above records include results of first timers and repeaters. The next NLE is scheduled on July 03 and 04, 2010, and will be administered in 11 cities all over the country.

For a complete listing of the NLE results in the last 13 years, please click here.

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