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Interested in a Nursing Job in Abu Dhabi Hospital? Here's How.

The requirements have changed for Abu Dhabi-bound Filipino nurses.

If you're a registered nurse, with at least 3 years work experience, and looking for a job opportunity in a hospital in Abu Dhabi, you'll now have to meet the added prerequisite of passing an online exam.

The online exam is the HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) Exam offered by Pearson Vue Testing Center. The PVE is done at the Trident Tower , 312 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, during office hours from Monday to Friday. Nurses can apply online, choose his/her exam date, and pay the exam fee of $90. The test results can be obtained within a few hours after taking the exam.

After getting the results, the nurse can attach the results as part of his application for employment in any hospital in Abu Dhabi.

The better method of course, from the standpoint of the Filipino nurse, is to take the exam ONLY after having had an employment offer, or perhaps after employment interview. What use is the PVE anyway if no employment offer will come?

Among Abba's clients in Abu Dhabi, almost all will require nurses to have taken and passed the exams. There are plans at present that calls for a recruitment trip from the Abu Dhabi hospital, for the visiting hospital representatives to conduct interviews, and for those who pass the interviews to take the PVE. An ideal scenario? Yes, but for now just a dream.

Until that scenario is achieved, a nurse will have to take the PVE first , before she can be considered for a nursing job in Abu Dhabi. For questions about nursing jobs in UAE , or the PVE, call Jen of Abba, at (02) 687-3668.

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