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Leading Construction Company in Saudi Arabia to Hire Engineering and Office Personnel

Representatives of El Seif Brookfield Multiplex Services, Inc. will interview applicants on February 7 and 8 in Abba. The employer , one of the leading construction companies in Saudi Arabia , is looking for qualified candidates who will fill the following positions: soft services managers, assistant manager warehouse, assistant manager waste transfer stations, help desk managers, lead electrical technicians, lead mechanical technicians, lead HVAC technicians, power plant supervisors, SCADA technicians, DHP supervisors, pump house supervisors, HVAC supervisors, electrical supervisors, BMS technicians, mechanical supervisors, STP supervisors, foreman warehouse, office managers, accounts clerk/payrool staffs, hr officers and garage managers.

Applicants mush have at least 3 years work experience and must report to the Abba office for initial assessment not later than February 6. For further details, call Abba at 637-1324 and look for Ms. Gretchen.

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