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Pag-Ibig Membership is now Mandatory to OFWs

Membership to Pag- Ibig Fund has become mandatory for Overseas Filipino Workers. The Fund, which offers housing loans to its members, was previously required only of Philippine based workers, and optional to OFW's.

Starting July 1, the POEA will only issue Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC's) to those who have paid P600, or the equivalent of the first 6 - months membership fee for Pag - Ibig. After that, the OFW is expected to make monthly payments of P100.

Aside for the Pag-Ibig fund, the other required fee from the OFW is the P900 contribution to the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. The two other fees, the OWWA membership and Processing Fee, are shouldered by foreign employer or its appointed recruitment agency.

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