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37,679 Pass July 2010 Nursing Board Exams

There are 37, 000 plus new registered nurses in the Philippines. The country's PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) announced that out of 91, 008 examinees who took the NLE for 2 days last July, 37, 679 passed, or 41.4% of the examinees. The two-day exams, conducted in 11 cities in the Philippines, is the first for this year. The second one is going to be given in December 19 and 20.

The July 2010 exams have the following distinction, compared with the previous (starting year 1996) Nursing Board Exams:

--- The July 2010 exams has the 2nd most number of passers, 37, 679. The exam with the highest number of passers was in Dec 2008 with 39, 455.

--- The July 2010 exams has the 2nd lowest passing rate, at 41.4%. Lowest ever passing rates was in November 2009, at 39.7%

--- The July 2010 exams has the 2nd highest number of takers or total examinees, with 91, 008.

Highest number of takers was in November 2009, with 94, 462.

For complete figures from 1996 to the present, click here.

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