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June 2012 Nurse Exams Has 27,823 Passers, and the Fewest Number of Takers in the Last Six Years

The Nurse Licensure Exams (NLE) in June 2012 produced 27,823 passers, out of 60,985 exam-takers, or a 45.29% passing rate. The results were announced by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) seven weeks after the exams were conducted in 15 cities in the country.

The number of takers (60,985) was the lowest since December 2006, when there were only 40,147 examinees. After that year, the number of examinees swelled up, the highest being in November 2009, when there were 94,462 examinees. For details, see "Results of NLE, In The Last 14 years".

The NLE is given twice a year, one in June the other in December.

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