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June 2013 Board Exams Has Lowest Number of Passers since 2006

The Philippines' NLE (Nurse Licensure Examination) in June 2013 had 16,908 passers, the lowest since the NLE of June 2006, when there were 17,821 passers.

The June 2013 NLE also had the fewest number of takers in the last 7 years, registering only 37,887, versus the 40,147 takers during the December 2006 NLE.

The decrease could be attributed to the reduced number of students taking up the nursing course, beginning in 2009.

The 43% passing rate (16,219 vs. 37,887) in the December NLE falls within the usual range of passing.

The Number of Takers and Passers of the NLE in the last 14 years are detailed HERE.

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