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NLE of May 2015 has Fewest Number of Takers, and with one of the Highest Passing Rates

The NLE (Nurse Licensure Exams), of May 2015 has earned two distinctive records: it's the exam month with the fewest number of takers in the last 11 years, and the exam month with the second highest passing rate since December 2004. Passing rate is the number of passers divided by the number of takers.

In the May 2015 NLE, there were 17,891 takers, out of whom 9,707 passed. The number of takers is the fewest since December 2004, when there were 12,100 exam takers.

The passing rate for the May 2015 NLE is 54.3%, making it the second highest since December 2004. The highest passing rate was in December 2014, with passing rate of 57.3%.

The number of NLE takers actually started tapering off in July 2011, and has hit the lowest in May 2015. There had been fewer nurse-graduates every year since 2011, and consequently fewer number of takers for the NLE, the Philippines Board exams for nurses . For details, please click here.

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