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Number of NCLEX Takers Plateau at 4,000

The number of Filipino RN's taking the NCLEX had been the same in the last three years, settling down at about 4,000 takers per year. There were 4,580 takers in 2014, 4,034 in 2013, and 3,673 in 2012.

Passing the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) is a prerequisite in the licensure process for nurses who plan to work in the U.S. It is administered by the NCBSN (National Council of State Board of Nursing).

The NCLEX is given in many countries, including the Philippines. At one time, there were 33,768 takers all over the world, with 21,499 takers coming from the Philippines. That was the year 2007, when there were no visa restrictions yet for foreign nurses in the U.S.

Starting 2008, there was a tapering off of NCLEX takers, and up to the present. Despite the low numbers, the Filipino RN's still comprise the largest number of NCLEX takers.

In 2016, the Philippines had 54.65% of the total, followed by India, Puerto Rico, South Korea and Jamaica.

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