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Once Again, Hospitals In Ireland Are Looking For Filipino Nurses

After almost 1 year, tertiary government hospitals in Ireland are going back to the Philippines to conduct interviews among Filipino nurses. These delegates are visiting Manila from July 2 to 4, 2018 to interview IELTS / OET passer nurses through our agency, Abba Personnel Services, Inc.

Ireland: Fastest and Easiest Process Among The Western Countries

Western countries like Ireland are known for a number of advantages: They usually have a liberated culture that presents equal opportunities for everyone; a multicultural environment, often with a sizable Filipino community; and opportunities for Filipinos to migrate so that they can be reunited with their families. Western institutions are also known for their progressive training and modern health care standards and facilities. They also compensate both employees and agencies well, so placement fees are not very common among Western vacancies.

Western countries, however, are also known for their long and complicated hiring and licensing processes. A Filipino nurse aspiring to work in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or United States should brace himself for at least a year of taking tests, submitting requirements and processing licensure documents.

Fortunately, applying to Ireland is much faster and easier: Ever since April 2016, Abba has already deployed more than 300 nurses to Ireland! These nurses enjoyed a deployment period of around 4-6 months due to the country’s minimal requirements; reasonable IELTS / OET passing scores; and an efficient recruitment service through the Philippines’ #1 recruitment agency for Filipino nurses in Ireland. With Ireland, applying as a nurse in a Western country doesn’t have to be as slow and complicated as it may seem!


  1. Monthly salary ranging from 2,544.75 - 3,650EUR (~136,000PhP – 195,000PhP) ; HSE scale increases based on experience

  2. Free adaptation program

  3. Up to 1,200EUR (~64,000PhP) accommodation allowance for the adaptation program

  4. Up to 800EUR (~42,000PhP) flight reimbursement

  5. NMBI registration fee, pin and annual retention fee of 350EUR (~21,000PhP) to be reimbursed

  6. 250EUR (~13,000PhP) ATWS fee to be paid by the hospital

  7. 24 days annual leave, 9 public holidays

  8. 39 hours per week with additional pay for shift differentials

  9. Permanent, full-time pensionable contracts (HSE scheme)

  10. Professional development and educational opportunities for Masters and post-graduate programs

  11. Full support with nursing registration for the Irish Nursing Board (NMBI)

No placement or processing fee

Important Requirements

Vacancies in all areas are available to Filipino Staff Nurses who have these minimum qualifications:

  1. Academic IELTS Scores of S/W: 7.0 and R/L: 6.5 OR OET Scores of S/W: B and R/L: C+

  2. 18 months acute care experience in a 150-bed capacity hospital

  3. Not more than 6 months of work gap

How To Apply

If you are a qualified applicant, you may follow these steps to lodge your application:

1. Create an account in then apply to our HSE vacancies:

2. Email your updated CV and a screenshot of your IELTS / OET pass letter to

You need to do both steps for us to recognize your application. For questions or concerns, you may call Ms. Nissy Tolentino through 0917-7036197 or 0918-2861947.

Abba Personnel Services, Inc. 11th Floor Goldloop Tower A, Escriva Drive Ortigas Center, Pasig 637-1393 / 637-1324 POEA LICENSE NO. 159-LB-091615-RAOE. NO FEES TO BE COLLECTED. BEWARE OF ILLEGAL RECRUITERS. ACCREDITATION NO. 10283484.

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