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5 Tips When Applying Online

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

As the country has been put under lockdown again, online application is really the only way to go when it comes to seeking opportunities abroad. Our applicants have been enjoying its efficiency and convenience since last year, as we’ve started encouraging them to sign-up at the Apply Online System or email their CVs so that they don’t have to visit our office at all. But because the process has become much easier, many applicants have been underestimating the importance of following the process or abiding by what we call basic “netiquette”. If you plan on applying abroad through us, these five tips will come in very handy.

Follow the right way of applying to our job vacancies. Our job vacancies are being handled by different Recruiters, and each Abba Recruiter has her own way of sourcing applicants. If a job ad states that you must send your CV together with your pertinent documents, send them completely instead of only sending your CV. If a job ad says that you may call the Recruiter through these numbers, do not attempt to call her through other numbers that you found in a different job ad. How you do the little things says a lot about how you will treat your application in the long run, so simple obedience will already get you ahead.

Send out clean and organized digital files. Ensure that the files that you’re about to send do not have malicious or suspicious files attached to them: Our servers might block your account or email address if they classify them as dangerous. You must also make sure that your digital documents are sent in their best condition: They must be clear copies; compiled in one PDF file; and named professionally (FLORES, Patricia Karla V.pdf is way better than ResumeKoFinalNaTo.pdf). Our Recruiters scour through hundreds of documents on a weekly basis, and they find clean, organized files more encouraging to prioritize for assessment.

Keep all communications professional. Because digital communications leave permanent trails, it pays to think before saying anything via email, text, or messaging apps. Your Abba Recruiter will always have your messages on record, so you have to keep them as objective and professional as possible. When you’re feeling emotional or frustrated with your application, it’s important to calm your nerves first before sending out one. Well-written messages reflect respectability and level-headedness, two characteristics that aren’t only attractive to Recruiters but to overseas employers as well.

Avoid multiple applications. Contrary to popular belief, submitting multiple applications do not really increase your chances of getting hired. In fact, it will even work against you in Abba since we follow a one application at a time policy (you can only apply to one overseas employer at a time). Additionally, every extra application that you submit will just unnecessarily consume more of our attention, time, effort and space in our already busy database. When it comes to applying abroad, putting your eggs in one basket is the best way to go since you’ll just end up working with one employer at the end of the day.

Do not rush the process. Applying abroad takes time, so avoid goading your Recruiter or employer to deploy you immediately. We’re talking about an overseas job here, not a local one, so a lot is at stake for you and the employer. You may also be seeing claims of other agencies having “faster lead times” or “an easier process” in Facebook groups or online forums, but do remember that your application status, employer, and qualifications aren't the same as theirs. Trust that getting you abroad in the easiest, fastest, and most cost-efficient manner is what a recruitment agency’s for: Why would Abba want to do otherwise? :)

If you’re considering a job abroad, visit or Just keep the abovementioned tips in mind at all times, and you’ll be surprised at how nearer you are to your dreams than you think!

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