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An Overseas Nursing Career with Zero Work Experience? It’s Possible!

Work experience is one of the most basic requirements of any overseas employer. When an applicant has this, an employer can be assured that the applicant will be able to deliver on the role that will eventually be given to her. Unlike exams and job interviews, work experience gauges the applicant’s performance of tasks within the real world setting, which tends to be more important to employers who are likewise conducting operations in actual hospitals.

It’s surprising to learn, then, that one of our employer clients abroad is not requiring any work experience at all! Talent Solutions GmbH is a Germany-based placement agency that has been recruiting Filipino nurses for various community-based health care institutions. Though the agency welcomes any form of work experience from nurse applicants, it also recognizes the long and tedious process of becoming a nurse in Germany and the adaptability and excellent training of the nurses that come from the Philippines. By accepting Filipino nurse applicants without work experience, they will at least be able to recruit a good number of nurses, despite the numerous requirements of the job vacancies.

So whether you’ve been working at a hospital for years or you’ve recently just gotten your PHRN license, you’ll always have a place in Germany through Talent Solutions GmBH! Check out the details of its job vacancies below:


Staff Nurse Vacancies

Talent Solution GmbH, Germany BENEFITS

  • Starting monthly salary range €1,900 - €2,300 (₱108,190- ₱130,967)

  • Government reduced working hours from 40 to 38.5 hrs/week

  • Free German language training with an acceleration program

  • Free accommodation for the first month

  • Paid holidays

  • Paid annual vacation leave for 28-30 days

  • Paid sick leave

  • Provided professional training and learning opportunities

  • Fully covered health insurance

  • State-mandated employee protection laws

  • Opportunity to work using the most advanced healthcare equipment

  • No placement or processing fee


  • Registered Nurse


Sign up at or send your updated CV to with the subject heading: Germany Application - Applicant Name EMPLOYER DESCRIPTION

  • community-based healthcare institutions that are located in Germany, the most popular migration destination in the world next to the U.S.

  • one of the rare employers that doesn't require work experience among its applicants


Contact Nichole through 0917-158 6916 / 0918-286 1963. POEA LICENSE NO. 159-LB-091615-RAOE. NO FEES ARE TO BE COLLECTED. BEWARE OF ILLEGAL RECRUITERS. JOB ACCREDITATION NO. 10382902.

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