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Another U.K. Chance for M/S, ER and ICU Nurses

Two weeks ago, one of our clients, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, conducted online interviews among IELTS / OET Passer M/S, ER and ICU Nurses. Due to the very good turnout, they’ve decided to hold a second round on February 9 and 10. If you missed their interviews this month, now’s your chance to join and finally pursue your UKRN dream!

Here are some of the reasons why the Trust is attracting more and more Filipino nurses:

1. The Trust has vacancies in Medical / Surgical and ER—Not just ICU. Though we are sourcing for various U.K. hospitals this month, many of them are only looking for ICU RNs. South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of the very few that has vacancies in the Medical / Surgical Ward and Emergency Room. This makes the Trust accessible to a bigger population of Filipino nurses!

2. You will work with the Trust through the NHS Professionals. Though you will be working in the Trust, you will be employed by the NHS Professionals. The NHSP is a leading provider of workforce solutions to the National Health and Social Care in the U.K. It manages over 130,000 members working in more than 100 hospitals all over England. Employment with NHSP comes with a number of benefits, such as prioritization in booking regular and OT shifts and conveniently accessing payslips through its online app. Majority of its Trusts also give importance to educational and professional development as they work in partnership with renowned universities.

3. South Tees Hospitals is an NHS Foundation Trust, not just an NHS Trust. Not a lot of nurses know that an NHS Foundation Trust is actually considered superior to an NHS Trust. Generally speaking, the NHS gives Foundation Trusts higher levels of freedom in the way through which they manage their facilities, primarily because they have performed well in the past. Given this, Foundation Trusts tend to have environments that encourage more initiative and participation among employees when it comes to meeting company objectives and national healthcare standards.

4. The Trust manages a number of established institutions, including the James Cook University Hospital. South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust offers a full range of general healthcare and specialist services, with expertise in heart disease, cancer, trauma, neurosciences, renal (kidney) services and spinal injuries. One of the hospitals that it manages, the James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough, is a designated major trauma center that provides all of its specialties from one site, which is unique for a hospital of its size. The hospital has 1,024 beds, a 24-hour acute admissions unit and an emergency department that serves as the major trauma center of Durham, East Cleveland, Tees Valley and North Yorkshire.

5. You will be working with fellow Filipino RNs who have been working there for quite some time. We have been recruiting Filipino RNs for this Trust since 2019, so you can expect to be surrounded by fellow kababayans upon getting there. This can be a true source of comfort especially since you will be miles away from home.

6. The Trust offers a competitive compensation and benefits package. As one of the Trusts that we’re serving through the NHS Professionals, nurses can expect the following:

- £24, 907 per annum (Php 1.6 million/annum) with an annual increment

- Overtime pay and priority in NHS employment bank

- Extra payments for evenings, nights and weekends

- Access to the generous NHS Pension Scheme

- Free accommodation for 2 months

- 27 days paid annual leave

- 3-year contract

- Air Ticket to the U.K.

- 500 GBP Cash advance upon arrival

- PhP 10, 000 *cash incentive for IELTS/OET passer

- Free fully structured training programme aimed at achieving the OSCE

- Paid visa costs

- Reimbursement of costs (1x passed IELTS/OET, initial NMC registration and 1x passed CBT)

- No placement or processing fee

*cash incentive will be distributed after successfully passing the employer interview and CBT

7. The Trust has pretty reasonable qualifications. Yes, you must be an IELTS / OET Passer M/S, ER, or ICU nurse with at least 1 year of post-license experience. However, it will recognize your volunteer work experience and will even allow up to 18 months of work gap. These latter two details are a breath of fresh air, since these aren’t the typical qualifications of many overseas hospitals.

Free up your February 9 and 10 for the Trust’s interviews! If you’re interested, simply send your CV, IELTS / OET result, valid PRC ID, passport, and Microsoft Teams email address to For questions or concerns, you may contact Missy through 0998-257 6810 / 0917-317 2600.

We hope to see you in the interviews soon!


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