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August 10 Weekly Roundup: Just Keep Swimming

The tone of this week’s news on Philippine nursing doesn’t differ so much from last week’s: The President has recommended nurses to join the police force to get higher salaries; healthcare workers remain banned from going abroad; and the number of new COVID-19 cases is still on a rise. There has never been a more grim time to read the news, so instead of focusing on the problems, we’d like to do a different approach this time: In true Dory spirit, we’re here to cheer nurses on, by listing out several actionable items that can be taken to keep yourselves moving forward.

Work on your overseas license requirements. The deployment ban on healthcare workers has not been lifted yet, and this has been a source of discouragement among nurses who wish to apply abroad. However, nurses can continue with their preparations for employment overseas by working on requirements that can be accomplished while they’re still in the Philippines. This can be taking the NCLEX for the U.S.A.; having your Dataflow Report processed for a Gulf country that you’re eyeing on; retrieving your NMBI Decision Letter for Ireland; or taking the IELTS / OET for the United Kingdom, Ireland or the U.S.A. There are a lot of things that you can do while you’re still here. For questions or concerns on this, you can get in touch with our partner overseas licensing agency, Tracker. Simply email; leave a message at; or call 0977-733 9802 / 0907-711 7623.

Consider applying to the United States. One of our clients, Professional Healthcare Recruiters, is continuously looking for Filipino RNs who wish to work in the U.S. It is looking for RNs in the Medical / Surgical, ICU, CCU, Telemetry, ER and Labor and Delivery areas who have at least 1 year of post-license experience; an NCLEX pass letter; and a successful IELTS result (7.0 in Speaking and 6.5 in OBS). Selected candidates will get the following benefits:

  • Direct employment

  • Salary and benefits will depend on the prevailing wage of the state and will be at par with an American nurses’ with the same credentials

  • Optimal hospital benefits for the candidate AND his / her family due to direct employment with the hospital (vacation leave, sick leave, health insurance, retirement, etc.)

  • Sign-on bonus ranging from 2,000 – 15,000USD, depending on specialty and experience

  • Free immigrant visa and legal filing fees

  • Airfare from Manila to the work place

  • Free 1-month housing upon arrival

  • 3-year contract

  • No placement or processing fee

If you are qualified and interested, simply sign-up at; email your CV, NCLEX Pass Letter and IELTS TRF to; or call Cha at 0917-704 5081 / 0918-286 1876 for inquiries.

Get yourself informed through reliable social media content. If there’s one thing that’s spreading faster than COVID-19 nowadays, it’s misinformation. Because of this, crowdsourcing may not be enough for you to get the important information that you need about overseas employment. Getting your information straight from POEA-licensed recruitment agencies is therefore recommendable: Not only do they have the expertise in this field, but all of their advertisements and social media content are being regulated by the POEA. Be responsibly informed by visiting, especially since we’ve been gradually revamping our social media content to suit your many needs.

The negative tone of the news won’t probably change next week, but we hope that by that time, you’ve accomplished any one of the things that we’ve suggested. We can’t really control everything that’s been happening around us, so it’s best to take action on the ones that we can. Let’s all keep swimming, nurses!

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