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Benefits of Going Through a Recruitment Agency for the U.A.E.

The United Arab Emirates remains to be one of the top work destinations among Filipino nurses. Considered the “Melting Pot of the Middle East”, it is is an open and progressive country with a highly diverse population. Its capital Abu Dhabi epitomizes this as Filipinos and other expatriates account for 80% of them! Due to this, nurses can reap the benefits of working in the Middle East amidst a liberated environment that’s more reminiscent of Western culture. Here, they can earn competitive 100% tax-free salaries and enjoy basic living items such as accommodation, transportation and sometimes even meals for free. They can receive longer vacation leaves and shorter contract durations so that they have more time to be with their loved ones in the Philippines. At the same time, they can experience fairer and more equal treatment with other nationalities compared to other Middle East countries. They won’t have to worry about placement or processing fees as well because of the country’s progressive labor laws. With this attractive combination then, why is there significantly less noise about the U.A.E. among Filipino nurses?

The growing demand for Filipino nurses in other countries may be one reason. A quick look in our Facebook Page would already show the various countries that the U.A.E. is competing with, such as the United States and the United Kingdom. The other more viable cause, however, is the growing practice among the country’s hospitals to resort to direct hiring. U.A.E. employers have become accustomed to recruiting Filipino nurse applicants on their own instead of coursing them through recruitment agencies so that they can save on costs. Doing so frees them up from paying service fees to recruitment agencies and other costs that the POEA requires them to shoulder such as airfare to the U.A.E., medical exam and work visa.

Direct hiring may be cheaper for U.A.E. employers, but it deprives Filipino nurses from a number of important benefits. Below are the advantages that a nurse like you won’t get to enjoy anymore once you succumb to direct hiring.

  1. Instant access to a wide variety of employers. A recruitment agency usually has more than 1 employer, so you can be more selective with yours depending on your current wants and needs.

  2. Someone else managing your job application. Applying overseas must not consume a significant portion of your time, effort and resources. Your nursing career must be your priority, not job hunting.

  3. Simpler application process with hands-on guidance from an expert. Your deployment abroad is your recruitment agency’s reason for existence, so it definitely has the capacity to make things easier for you by absorbing the complexities of the process.

  4. Warranty from a licensed agency. Applying overseas can get complicated, so it is common for problems to arise—especially when you resort to direct hiring where you bear full responsibility for the risks and uncertainties. When you go through a recruitment agency, a professional entity can be held accountable for your application, which is extremely important nowadays because times are unpredictable.

We’ve always believed that the way an overseas employer treats nurses in the application phase says a lot about how it will treat them in the future. So when an employer scrimps on the recruitment process, don’t be surprised when it scrimps on many other things once you start working for them!

Good thing, there are still reputable U.A.E. employers who are continuously valuing recruitment agencies and Filipino nurses. Manzil Health Care Services is a healthcare institutionthat has been recruiting through Abba for many years. It was accredited by the Joint Commision International (JCI) in 2012, making it one of the few JCI-accredited health care institutions in the UAE. Currently, Manzil has operations in the UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and employs more than 500 HAAD / DHA / MOH licensed nurses, physicians and therapists. Through its relationship with international companies such as Joslin Diabetes Center and Partners Healthcare At Home (a part of Harvard Medical School teaching hospital’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Network), it has access to significant knowledge and best practices in the sphere of long term care, rehabilitation therapies and disease management. In Manzil, you can expect world-class education, meticulous training, and facilities and equipment that will be very useful in your nursing career.

It currently has vacancies for 60 Staff Nurses with at least 2 years of work experience and with no more than 1 year of work gap. Those who have passed the DHA / DOH Exam or those hose DHA / DOH Exams are currently being processed will be prioritized. Successful candidates will be entitled to the following benefits:

- 6,000AED 100% tax-free salary

- Overtime pay

- Free one month accommodation

- Free transportation

- Annual air ticket allowance paid every year with no compulsion of travel

- 30 days annual paid time-off per calendar year

- Health insurance

- Professional development programs

- Career growth and advancement

- Individualized trainings

- Effective and efficient employee feedback process

- Employee recreation activities

- Additional MOH, DHA or DOH licenses will be applied on company expense

- 2-year initial contract, renewable

- No placement / processing fee

If you are qualified and interested, simply email your CV to with the heading “MANZIL APPLICANT”. For assistance with your Dataflow or Licensure Exam, contact Tracker.


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Michelle Catapang
Michelle Catapang
21 sept 2023

This is very well-detailed content. I highly appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

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