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East Meets West at King’s College Hospital London in Dubai, U.A.E.

Scorching heat, sandy deserts, and stringent rules are some of the first thoughts that we’d usually get when we think of the Middle East, but one country has proven that this region could be so much more than all these. The United Arab Emirates is often considered the most advanced and progressive country in the region as it complements its hot weather and conservative practices with a highly diversified economy and a general openness to people, culture and ideas from all over the world. This unique fusion of the Middle East and the West has definitely set the U.A.E. apart from its neighboring countries. Its biggest city, Dubai, best epitomizes this as it is houses some of the world’s biggest company headquarters; tall skyscrapers; and world-class tourist destinations. It is also home to a good number of internationally-recognized health care institutions with modern facilities and world-class training, such as the King’s College Hospital.

King’s College Hospital in Dubai, U.A.E. was actually launched by King’s College Hospital in London, one of the United Kingdom’s top teaching hospitals. A third of its staff was even recruited straight from the U.K., so nurses who join them can expect standards of care that are aligned with the values and practices of British healthcare. Additionally, the hospital is also a recipient of the JCI accreditation, the world’s gold standard when it comes to assessing the quality and patient safety of healthcare institutions. Very few facilities get qualified for this, so you can just imagine how serious the hospital can be when it comes to its internationally recognized standards and practices.

We are continuously sourcing Staff Nurses for this U.A.E. institution! Check out the below details to see if you qualify.

JOB VACANCY DETAILS Staff Nurse Vacancies in Various Areas at King's College Hospital in Dubai, U.A.E. Available Areas:

  • OPD

  • ICU

  • NICU

  • OR / Theater

  • Labour and Delivery

  • Postnatal / Partum

  • Medical Surgical

  • Emergency

  • Pediatric Inpatient

  • Homecare

  • Phlebotomist

  • Radiographers / Sonographers

  • Audiologist

  • Physiotherapist


  • Competitive 100% tax-free salary to be discussed during the interview

  • Free annual air ticket

  • 22 days paid annual leave

  • 15 days paid annual sick leave

  • 45 days paid maternity leave

  • 2 years initial contract, renewable (6 months probationary period with notice of regularization after 3 months)

  • No placement or processing fee


  • 3 years of solid post-license experience in a specialized area

  • Must be currently working in a tertiary hospital or a JCI accredited hospital

  • No more than 6 months of work gap


Choose from these 2 easy ways to apply:

For questions or concerns, you may contact Antoneth through +63917-505 1126 / +63939-190 3417. POEA LICENSE NO. 159-LB-091615-RAOE. NO FEES TO BE COLLECTED. BEWARE OF ILLEGAL RECRUITERS. ACCREDITATION NO. 10394257.

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David Horlick
David Horlick
Nov 15, 2022

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