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Event Recap: The Quick And Easy Way To U.K.

DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello’s recent proposal to the governments of U.K. and Germany has generated mixed reactions from Filipino nurses. Whereas some were disgusted with the apparent commodification of Filipino nurses, some have expressed support since their leaving the country will at least come with a benefit. One opinion, however, unites all Filipino nurses: That the 5,000 deployment cap on healthcare workers should finally be lifted—not just for U.K. or Germany, but for the rest of the countries.

While we are still dealing with this limitation, it’s important to start moving as soon and as fast as we can. In Abba’s The Quick And Easy Way To The U.K. online orientation last October 9, 2020, we actually presented a recipe that nurses can follow so that they can reach their UKRN dreams in the quickest and easiest way possible. Here’s a summary of our discussion.

  1. Read the entire recipe first. Things will be faster and easier for you if you’re familiar with the upcoming journey from the very beginning.

  2. Set your timer on. Set deadlines for yourself and do everything that you can to meet them. It’s possible for you to get deployed within a few months if you follow strict timelines.

  3. Prepare your budget for the “ingredients”. Start saving up for various application costs since you’ll shoulder them at the start. Don’t worry: With Abba, you’ll eventually get back everything that you’ve spent for.

  4. Have a reliable “assistant” to help you. A reputable licensed recruitment agency can help you do things the faster and easier way. Don’t get easily swayed by unlicensed individuals who promise things that seem too good to be true. If they seem that way, they probably are.

  5. Choose your “equipment” wisely. A reputable employer won’t just encourage a faster and easier process: It also assures a legitimate recruitment process and a career that you can be proud of when you get there. Speed is indeed important, but so is the quality of your employer.

  6. Keep yourself inspired. The U.K.’s competitive compensation and benefits and its various other perks are things that you should always remember especially when the process isn’t going your way. You can also check out our social media sites every now and then so that you can read testimonials from the various nurses that we’ve already sent to the U.K.

We are proud to say that many of the nurses that we’re currently processing were some of the over 60 IELTS / OET passer RN attendees of this event. If you’d like to be one of them, simply choose Abba as your recruitment agency for your UKRN journey!

In fact, our biggest U.K. client, the NHS Professionals, is continuously looking for Staff Nurses who would like to work at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust has around 6,000 highly-trained doctors, nurses, midwives, health visitors, therapists, healthcare scientists and other support staff caring for more than half a million patients from Buckinghamshire and neighboring counties every year. Below are details of its job opportunities:



- Accident and Emergency

- Endoscopy

- Cardiac & Stroke Receiving Unit

- General Acute Medicine

- Theatres

- Recovery

- Spinal Injuries (Acute / Rehab background – spinal experience not required)

- Care of Elderly

- Respiratory

- Cardiology

- Stroke

- Day Surgery

- Urology

- Trauma / Orthopaedics

- Neuro Rehab Unit

BENEFITS - Band 4 starting salary (21,892GBP ~ 1,429,000PHP per annum) - Band 5 salary upon receipt of NMC pin (24,907GBP ~ 1,625,800PHP per annum) - Overtime pay and priority in NHS employment bank - Airfare of up to 800GBP ( ~ 52,000PHP) - Relocation Allowance of 1,100GBP (~ 71,000PHP) - Option to cover your first month’s rent payable in 24 months - 100GBP ( ~ 6,000PHP) salary advance upon arrival in the UK to help cover your essential needs (will be deducted from your first pay slip) - Free OSCE Training - Free OSCE Test - Free Visa and associated costs - Free first NMC registration fee of 120GBP ( ~ 7,000PHP) - Extra payments for evenings, nights and weekends shifts - Access to the generous NHS Pension Scheme - Free accommodation of up to 3 months - 27 days paid annual leave - 3-year contract - 10,000PhP cash incentive for IELTS / OET passers (to be given after successfully passing the employer interview and CBT) - No placement or processing fee

QUALIFICATIONS - At least 1 year of post-license hospital experience in the desired area (volunteer work will be considered) - IELTS / OET passer IELTS: at least 6.5 in Writing and at least 7.0 in Listening, Reading and Speaking OET: at least C+ in Writing and at least B in Listening, Reading and Speaking - No more than 1 year of work gap

If you are interested to apply, simply email your CV, IELTS/OET result, valid PRC ID, passport, Microsoft Teams and Skype ID to For questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Eloisa through +63917-531 2611 / +63918-286 1925.


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