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Everything That You Need To Know About The NHS Professionals

There are so many U.K.-based employers recruiting Filipino nurses, and yet one of them, the NHS Professionals, remains to be one of the most preferred ones. As the United Kingdom’s leading provider of clinical and non-clinical staff to the National Health Service, the NHSP is able to offer various advantages to nurses that no other employer can. Here’s a rundown of what’s in store for NHSP UKRNs.

1. Access to a wide variety of esteemed NHS Trusts all over the U.K. Since the NHSP is a staffing agency, it’s connected to a large network of potential NHS Trust employers all over the United Kingdom. So whether a nurse prefers to work in London or in the countryside; in teaching hospitals or in community facilities; in huge and established ones or in newer ones, there’s definitely one that’s just perfect for her needs.

2. Year-round employer interviews. Another advantage of the NHSP being a staffing agency is that it never runs out of job vacancies and employer interview schedules. Its access to a wide variety of NHS Trusts assures Filipino nurses that there’s always a U.K. employer ready to hire them, especially at this time when there’s a significant shortage of nurses in this European country.

3. Access to the NHS Professionals App. The NHSP boasts of a convenient and user-friendly app that makes working life much easier for its employees. It allows nurses to book and view shifts in just a few clicks. It shows employees their schedules and payroll details in an instant. It also keeps them posted on important information, news and updates about the NHS and the NHSP at all times.

4. OT Prioritization. Rendering overtime is a common practice among UKRNs because of the NHS’ very lean working hours of 37.5 hours a week. Booking OT shifts, however, can be a challenge since nurses will be competing for shifts with nurses from other NHS Trusts, often forcing them to render overtime in Trusts other than their own. NHSP employees won’t have to worry about this because they will be prioritized for OT shifts in their own Trusts. Thanks to the NHSP App, booking these shifts will also be easy for them so they’d truly get prioritized for overtime.

5. Fast deployment. With the combined expertise and experience of the NHS Professionals and Abba Personnel Services Inc., nurses can expect the fastest and most efficient recruitment process. Check out our social media sites to see for yourselves: So many nurses get surprised themselves that we can send them to the U.K. in as fast as 1 – 3 months!

6. Various reimbursements. A UKRN application can cost a lot, so it’s good to know that many of the NHSP’s Trusts reimburse them back to the nurses. These include costs of the IELTS / OET; initial NMC registration; CBT; and IOM.

7. 10,000PhP Cash Incentive. Now THIS is the icing on the cake: When you apply to the NHSP through Abba, you will get a 10,000PhP cash incentive that no other UKRN recruitment agency’s offering! If this doesn’t convince you to apply to us, then we don’t know what else will. 😊

Interested to apply to the NHS Professionals? We have an upcoming online event that you might wish to attend! The 5 Biggest Hurdles in the UKRN Journey is a FREE online orientation that will happen on October 28 Friday from 4pm – 6pm. Here, we’ll talk about the five major challenges that we’ve discovered in the UKRN process—and then teach you how to overcome each of them! We’ll also talk about the job opportunities that the NHS Professionals is offering, so you shouldn’t miss this.

Visit for more details or contact Tine through 0966-481 0289 for questions or concerns.

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