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Facebook Live Employer Orientation for Germany’s Top Hospitals on the 29th

For the longest time, Middle East countries dominate the statistics when it comes to the number of Filipino nurses that are flying for work abroad. The region offers a number of unique advantages that set it apart from Western or Asian countries. It offers job opportunties on a contractual basis, so it encourages nurses to work for only temporary periods of time and come back to the Philippines every now and then. It allows nurses to save money as it provides 100% tax-free salaries, free acommodation, free transportation, and in some cases, even free meals. It also gives nurses good work-life balance through providing abundant vacation leaves. And though the region’s qualifications and licensure requirements for nurses have already become more challenging, theirs are still simpler, easier and less costly compared to other countries’.

The scenario has changed, however, when the pandemic came. From 2020 until this year, we are seeing more Filipino nurses preferring to fly to Western countries like the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany. Indeed, this was largely influenced by the Philippine government’s policies: It exempted the United Kingdom from the HCW deployment limit; it has always excluded the United States from the HC deployment limit as it issued immigrant visas to nurses; and it also exempted a good number of Germany employers from the deployment limit since they were operating under the Triple Win Project.

But whether or not the Philippine government has made these decisions, we sense that Filipino nurses are truly shifting their preference towards these Western countries. These three countries’ high salaries; strong stand against discrimination; reimbursements of application costs; absence of placement fees; and opportunities for permanent residency seem to have become more attractive to them, especially during these trying times.

If you’re weighing out your options among these three countries, then we invite you to apply to our job vacancies in Germany! This Western country has become one of the world’s most popular migration destinations, coming only second to the United States, thanks to its encouraging immigration policies. Filipinos who have successfully migrated to Germany will attest to its competitive compensation; generous health care and educational benefits; healthy work-life balance; thriving economy; rich culture; and excellent transportation system. It also has a diverse workforce that encourages fair treatment among everyone: Foreign workers using work visas are even allowed to bring their spouses and children with them after six months!

We know that you’ve been seeing a lot of other recruitment agencies looking for Staff Nurses in Germany but take note that not all Germany employers are the same: Just like in any other country, you can expect the highest salary, most competitive benefits, and most progressive work environment when you join big and internationally-recognized facilities. If you’re after the cream of the crop, then our Germany employer might be perfect for you. Read below for details.


Staff Nurse Vacancies in

  • Cardiology

  • OR

  • Anesthesia Surgery

  • Pediatric Specialty

  • Oncology

  • ICU

  • Surgical

  • Geriatric

  • Internal Medicine

  • NICU

  • PICU

  • Home care Nurse

  • Private Duty Nurse

  • M/S Area


  • University Hospital Augsburg: a maximum care provider; caters to 2 million patients in its district

  • University Medical Center Hamburg – Eppendorf: the teaching hospital of the University of Hamburg; ranks number 3 among all Germany hospitals according to Webometrics

  • Klinikum Itzehoe: one of the largest hospitals in Schleswig-Holstein; also serves as the teaching hospital of the Universities of Kiel, Lubeck and Hamburg

  • Helios Klinikum Buch: a maximum care provider; a strong contender for the top spot in the Germany hospital rankings, as it consistently excels in all of its specializations

  • Berlin Heart Center: an esteemed medical research centre specializing in cardiovascular disease and trasplantation


  • Monthly Salary 2,300EUR ( ~ 131,000+ PHP) initial salary 2,600EUR ( ~ 148, 000+ PHP) – 3,000EUR ( ~ 171,000+PHP) after APQ exam recognition

  • Overtime pay

  • 30 days annual paid holiday leave

  • Continuous training programs

  • Company retirement provision

  • Integration and orientation for mentors and buddies

  • Benefit programs and recreational activities such as sports fests

  • Structured onboarding concepts

  • Other training opportunities & state-certified specialist training courses

  • Subsidized public transport

  • Modern workplace with cutting edge technology

  • Flexible working schedule giving you less stressful shifts

  • Basic 100USD allowance ( ~ 5,000PhP) plus 20USD ( ~ 1,000PhP) internet subsidy while taking the language training


  • at least 5 years post-license experience for NICU

  • at least 2 years of post-license experience for other areas

  • at least 1 year post-license experience for M/S area

  • no more than 18 months of work gap

If you’re interested to apply, then we invite you to our FB Live Orientation on November 29 at 4pm! Here, our Germany client will talk about the many opportunities that it’s offering in greater detail so that you have an idea of what to expect ocne you get hired. Simply visit for more information on this event. Make sure that you Like and Follow our Facebook Page ( so that you can also get notified once we go live!

For questions or concerns, you may contact Danniel through 0917-327 9899/ 0918-286 1923. You may also sign-up at or send your updated CV to if you’re already ready to apply.

We’re really excited to see all of you next week. See you there!


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