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Get to Know The Latest Updates on your Trusted U.S Employer, Insight Global Health!

The United States has always been a top destination for Filipino nurses seeking opportunities abroad, often viewed as a golden ticket to professional advancement. Renowned for its cutting-edge and revolutionary healthcare systems and practices, it is indeed a dreamland of possibilities for medical professionals. In addition to competitive salaries, USRNs have the opportunity to work in premier medical centers, enhancing their knowledge and skills in healthcare delivery.

Well, we can't honestly deny the wonders that this country has to offer, and as the number of Filipino nurses aspiring to work in the U.S. continues to grow, so does the number of institutions and agencies aiming to meet this demand. ABBA, one of the leading agencies in the Philippines, has established itself as a key player in deploying Filipino nurses abroad, particularly to the United States. Now, with the help of our trusted client - Insight Global Health, we can help more Filipino nurses achieve their American dream! 

We know you've already heard about this esteemed institution. Still, just to reiterate, Insight Global Health is one of our U.S. clients, a talent agency in the forefront of the healthcare industry. They specialize in connecting exceptional employers with highly competent professionals, aiding you from application to deployment. Insight Global Health is committed to supporting you as you prepare for your next journey in the U.S. 

But do you know what sets Insight Global Health apart from other agencies in the United States? It's the top-class benefits and packages they offer! With IGH as your partner, you can earn a starting salary of up to 50.68 USD per hour (~2,838.08 PHP per hour) and receive a 5,000 USD landing bonus (~285,000 PHP) upon your arrival in the U.S. But that's not all; you'll also receive the following exclusive benefits offered by ABBA:

  • 8,000 PHP application incentive for directly applying to any ABBA branch,

  • 100,000 PHP bonus for NCLEX and IELTS/OET Passers for approved IGH candidates, and 

  • 50,000 PHP bonus for NCLEX Passers for approved IGH candidates. 

On top of the competitive salary and bonuses, IGH is also open for various specialized nursing units; opening doors to opportunities for Filipino nurses concentrating in different areas. MultiCare Health System, an esteemed partner of Insight Global Health, is currently on the lookout for Filipino Nurses with extensive experience in the ICU to fill up their Medical Surgical Vacancies. These vacancies will be open for Filipino nurses specializing on the following Intensive Care Units:

  • Medical Intensive Care Unit,

  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit,

  • Cardiac Intensive Care Unit,

  • Trauma Intensive Care Unit, and

  • Critical Care Unit

Suitable candidates for the Medical Surgical Vacancies will undergo training at IGH's Grit Academy before their scheduled employment in the U.S. You might ask: what is Grit Academy for?

This newest state-of-the-art facility is where you'll spend a 16-week paid training program launched by Insight Global Health to prepare and educate nurses on working in a U.S. healthcare setting. You will be trained in a prime simulation laboratory center located in the Mega Tower Complex in Manila. What's more? Candidates residing outside Metro Manila will receive free hotel accommodation, food allowance, as well as transportation assistance. 

Prior to entering Grit Academy, Insight Global Health will first have to process the candidate's H-1B Cap-Exempt Visa. Upon the completion of your requirements, IGH will proceed with filing your H-1B visa application. Only after when your visa is approved can you join the 16-week training program. This is opposed to the previous procedure, which allowed you to enter the program while your visa was still in process. The changes were in place to ensure your smooth sailing towards your American dream!

Aspiring USRNs, now is the time for you to take advantage of these latest updates on Insight Global Health's benefits, process, and qualifications. Apply DIRECTLY by signing up at or at Who knows, you might be qualified and eligible to receive the PHP8,000 incentive! For any concerns, you may contact Rossa at  +632 8554-0556 / +63917-704 5081 / +63918-286 1876.

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