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Healthcare Opportunities are Available Again in the U.A.E.

The nurse recruitment industry has significantly changed from years ago. Whereas Filipino nurses can only choose between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia before, they can now choose from a wide variety of countries to work at and live in because of the strong—and continuously growing—demand for them. Each country has its unique set of characteristics that makes it ideal for certain nurses. So when anyone asks “what is the best country for a Filipino nurse?”, our answer will still be “it really depends”.

One such country that remains to be a sought-after work destination is the United Arab Emirates. Known as the “Melting Pot of the Middle East”, it is said to possess a beautiful balance of what Middle East and Western countries usually offer. Just like its neighboring countries, it boasts of internationally-recognized healthcare institutions with modern facilities and meticulous training that are excellent for a nurse’s career progression. Its employers also offer competitive, non-taxable salaries combined with free accommodation, transportation, and sometimes even meals. However, it is remarkably different from other Middle Eastern countries as it has a multicultural environment that is generally open to people and ideas from all over the world. Its capital, Abu Dhabi, epitomizes this diversity as Filipinos and other expatriates account for 80% of its population! It prohibits the collection of placement or processing fees from applicants, which is a common habit among Western employers.

Nowadays, the U.A.E. has become an even more attractive destination: With the pandemic significantly affecting all countries, the U.A.E. is actually the one that has the highest percentage of its population vaccinated! Its small population may have influenced it, but isn’t it exciting to be in an environment where a significant portion of the people are already protected against COVID-19?

If the U.A.E.’s exciting combination of characteristics is your cup of tea, then our career opportunities may be perfect for you. Our client Amana Healthcare has been holding employer interviews among female nurses and allied health professionals who would like to join its team. Below are their job vacancy details.


Home Healthcare Staff Nurse

Practical Nurse

Nurse Assistant

RT Technician

Occupational Therapist


Amana Healthcare is the leading provider of inpatient rehabilitation, long-term care and home healthcare in the Middle East. Established in 2013, it is a JCI and CARF accredited healthcare institution that is committed to delivering the best patient care through internationally-recognized standards and world-class facilities. It is continuously expanding its business, so nurses and healthcare professionals can expect career growth and more opportunities in the future. And just as how Amana maintains a warm and welcoming environment for its patients, they can also expect a positive and hospitable working culture upon joining the team.

BENEFITS - competitive 100% tax-free salary - 2 years initial contract, renewable - 18 days annual leave - no placement or processing fee

QUALIFICATIONS HOME HEALTHCARE STAFF NURSE - Licensed Nurse - at least 3 years of post-graduate experience - experience must be with patients in a community setting PRACTICAL NURSE - BS Nursing graduate - at least 1 year of clinical experience - must have gone through an 18-months Practical Nursing program - with BLS certification NURSE ASSISTANT - BS Nursing graduate - at least 18 months of post-graduate experience in a secondary or tertiary facility - experience must be in Medical / Surgical / OR / ER / Gynaecology / Pediatrics - with BLS certification RESPIRATORY THERAPY TECHNICIAN - Licensed RT Tech - at least 3 years of RT Tech experience in a large hospital; must have dealt with diagnoses typical in acute care hospitals or rehab facilities - with BLS, ACLS and PALS certification OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST - Licensed OT - at least 3 years of OT experience in a large hospital; must have dealt with diagnoses typical in acute care hospitals or rehab facilities - must have background in ICU, Acute Care, and Medical / Surgical - with BLS certification

If you are interested and qualified, youmay choose from these two ways of applying:

2. Send a scanned copy of your CV, TOR / Diploma, PRC Credentials (ID, Board Cert, Rating), Employment Certificates, BALS, ACLS, PALS certificate, Passport copy and Reference letters to with the subject: Amana Applicant

For questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Nissy through 0917-703 6197 / 0918-286 1947.


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