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How Tracker Came About

If you are a consistent follower of Abba’s social media sites, it’s almost impossible for you to miss Tracker, our sister company. Tracker Credentialing Inc. is a SEC-registered overseas licensing agency that we helped launch in 2018. Initially a special project of Abba, Tracker has now grown into an entirely separate company that has been helping hundreds of our applicants with their overseas license requirements.

Just like many of our other projects, the idea of launching an overseas licensing agency came from our more than 2 decades of experience in the recruitment of Filipino nurses bound abroad. As an agency that has been sending Filipino RNs overseas since 1998, we have witnessed the many changes in the overseas nurse application process. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, for instance, the recruitment process was much simpler, faster,and cheaper than it is today. Back then, a nurse can apply abroad with less than 10,000PhP for the Middle East or less than 30,000PhP for the United States. She can get deployed in just a few weeks or months from the date of her application. She has never heard of the term “credential verification” at all. For some countries, she will not even be required to take a licensure exam.

But as with most growing industries, the overseas recruitment of nurses started facing a number of problems in the late 2000s: Various individuals and organizations started taking advantage of the trend through resorting to illegal recruitment practices and falsifying resumes, certificates and credentials. These called for heavier regulation of the recruitment process among the authorities, which majority of them have translated into coming up with additional overseas license requirements. Soon, countries started adding requirements to the licensing process such as licensure exams and credential verification. Application expenses shot up to a minimum of 18,000PhP to around 70,000PhP, depending on which country nurses are applying to. Nurses must now wait for around 4 months up to so many years before they’d be able to fly abroad.

As a recruitment agency, we tried managing the situation by guiding our applicants through every step of this more complicated process. We kept motivating applicants to finish the process on their own and offered help whenever we can. Unfortunately, the new requirements seem to be more wearying for the nurses than we thought: We soon discovered that they’ve started availing the services of a new kind of company, one that is able to help them in completing their overseas license requirements. This company, the nurses say, was able to make the process simpler and faster because it’s the one that’s taking care of the nitty-gritty for them. It allowed them to focus on more important things, such as their nursing career, since it was taking care of their overseas license requirements. It also helped that the company was a registered corporation, so they can easily hold them accountable for any mistake or delay with their requirements.

A drawback, though, was that the company charges service fees that would often double or triple their total application cost. Another was that the company sometimes fails to give them updates on their requirements, which was essential since we, the recruitment agency, would need this every now and then. Due to these gaps, we decided to launch a special project where we will provide this same hands-on overseas licensing assistance to our applicants. This was pretty easy for us to do, especially since many of us were providing the assistance to our applicants for free in the first place.

After our project received positive feedback, we decided to take this project to another level. We thought that it will be best to launch a separate company for it, since this will encourage us to take it more seriously and develop overseas licensing specialists. Additionally, using a separate company for this will emphasize that Abba applicants aren’t required to avail its services, especially since it involves additional cost. But should they wish to avail any type of assistance, Tracker must be their only option of course.

In early 2018, we finally launched Tracker. From the very beginning, Tracker is able to provide overseas licensing assistance to nurses aspiring to work in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, U.A.E., Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. It is composed of Processing Officers who are well-acquainted not just with overseas licensing but also with the entire overseas recruitment process. It provides hands-on guidance to Abba applicants, in that they tend to receive less follow-ups from their Recruiters because Tracker is already directly talking to them. It charges reasonable service fees to applicants, and are very adaptable to the trends that are happening in the market.

Tracker’s just about to enter its third year in business, but it has already helped hundreds and hundreds of Filipino nurses with their overseas license requirements. You do not even have to be an Abba applicant to see the difference for yourself! Come and inquire about its services by leaving a message at or contacting Angelie through 0977-169 4745 / 0949-182 4226. We’re so excited at how easier and faster your entire overseas application process can get just because you availed of their services.

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