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If You Are An Aspiring UKRN, Take Note Of These Things…

There’s no denying that the U.K. is still one of the hottest countries of work destinations for nurses nowadays. When it comes to U.K. employers, NHS Professionals remains to be one of the most preferred ones. Aside from its unique advantages to nurses, NHSP also offers various job vacancies, not to mention its fast deployment process.

If you are one of those nurses eyeing to be in Britain and want to follow the footsteps of Nurse Even, then you’re on the right page. Check out these important things you need to prepare:

  • English Language Exam

You must reach the passing scores for the English Language Exam to qualify for any NHS Trusts and a U.K visa. The International English Language Test System (IELTS) and the Occupational English Test (OET) are both accepted by the NMC. Some nurses always prefer IELTS as it is considered the “gold standard" and some prefer OET because it is specific to the healthcare profession so nurses can apply their knowledge and experience, and will make the test for nurses easier for them. Nevertheless, it still depends on you which exam you think you’ll be able to achieve the required scores.

  • Experience in a Nursing Role

Work experience is one of the most basic requirements when applying overseas. Most NHS Trusts are looking for Medical and Surgical staff nurses so it will be best for you to have at least 1 year of experience in your desired area. If you have experience working in the ICU, ER, or Hemodialysis Department, lucky for you because some Trusts are considering these experiences as long as you’re willing to be assigned to the Ward unit. These requirements may come a little bit intimidating. Yet, these are given all because it’s for the best of the hospitals’ service and for your career as well.

  • Valid Passport

A passport is a must-bring document whenever you go out of the country. It must be valid for 6 months upon your arrival to the U.K. Don’t have your passport yet or it already expired? Conveniently schedule an appointment online through the DFA’s official website Fill out the application form then prepare and submit all the necessary documents needed as a requirement to get your passport accomplished.

  • PRC License

You will need to present your PRC ID too. Just like your passport, it must be valid for 6 months upon your arrival to the U.K. If your PRC ID has already expired, you can apply for renewal of your PRC license online or through a walk-in application. For online services, you may log in to For a walk-in application, simply go to the PRC office and selected Robinsons mall. All you need to present is one (1) passport-size picture with a name tag on white background and payment for the renewal fee.

  • NMC’s Computer-Based Test (CBT)

The NMC’s Test of Competence that you should take consist of a Computer-Based Test (CBT) and the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). You need to pass both tests to be fully qualified; and is valid for 5 years. The first step is passing the CBT as part of your UKRN application process. Afterward, you can take the OSCE once you arrive in the U.K. The good thing here is that U.K. employers always assist in your preparation; like covering the costs of OSCE exam 1 up to 2 attempts, training, and accommodation. That will help nurses focus on their preparation for passing the examination.

Abba Personnel Services Inc. constantly implements free online events exclusive to Filipino RNs who wish to work abroad. We ensure you're in the right place to start your journey. We’ll assist and lead aspiring UKRNs to the next step that they must take to achieve their UKRN dream.

Abba will have an upcoming online event that aspiring UKRN nurses should not miss: The 5 Biggest Challenges in the UKRN Journey! It is a free online orientation that will happen on December 2, Friday, from 4 PM-6 PM. Through this online event, we will discuss the obstacles that aspiring UKRNs face that we've discovered in the UKRN process and enlighten them on how to handle those challenges. Guest speakers from 9.0Niner, OET and Tracker will also tackle relevant information to guide RNs in the process and job opportunities that the NHS Professionals are offering.

Want to apply to NHS Professionals? Register and take part in our upcoming event!

Visit for more details or contact Tine through 0966-481 0289 for questions or concerns.

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