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Inspire And Soar High, Future RNs!

The role of nurses in the world is undeniably indispensable. The pandemic has put a spotlight on the care and hard work that only healthcare workers can give to the world trapped in a perilous virus. This resulted in the elevated demand for nurses all around the world most especially for Filipinos.

Various initiative programs which aim to support them are extremely helpful for the continuous vibrance of the nursing profession. As a company known for developing nursing careers abroad, It’s “payback” time for these unsung heroes. Last 2019, Abba started the Bequest Scholarship. A Scholarship Program for Nurses in partnership with our biggest U.S. client, Vintage Healthcare Resources. Through this project, we aim to provide scholarships to encourage and support current nursing students and amplify their passion and commitment to their chosen profession. Just last May 30, we were delighted to know that our first three Bequest scholars from Trinity University of Asia had already graduated.

(L-R: John Rey Ramirez, Julia Canonizado, Francis Yosef Valeriano)

Having a positive outcome from this first run, the company decided to extend its program to incoming second-year nursing students of the Universidad de Manila. The scholarship program started with an online orientation to all UDM nursing students in coordination with UDM’s Dean, Ms. Aurisita Delos Reyes, RN, MAN. During the final interview, the panel had a challenging time reflecting as the selected 10 students showed great commitment to the nursing field and had excellent performance in interviews. After careful deliberation, the panels finally named their top five students who excelled both in academics and performance.

Last October 10, we officially announced our five Bequest scholars: Mr. Keith Mimis, Ms. Tyzsha Santos, Mr. Jonathan E. Bituin, Ms. Trisha Matias, and Mr. Eric Madridano. These students will be the beneficiary of this year’s Bequest run.

With the conclusion of the second run of our Bequest Scholarship Program and having the opportunity to meet our new scholars, it's inspiring to know that these students are not only committed to their chosen profession but also already had a solid plan on how they can further deepen their experience and prepare themselves for the path that leads to becoming a successful nurse someday.

Over our congratulatory dinner, some of them shared with us their future plans, and how they wanted to serve the people and our country someday. Some of the scholars also mentioned that they are inclined toward the idea of teaching nursing to many more aspiring Filipino nurses. There’s nothing more gratifying than to be able to become an instrument to these dedicated and intelligent students who are striving hard to reach their professional and personal goals. We are looking forward to seeing these future nurses achieve their ambition, and that they will serve as an inspiration to many more aspiring Filipino nurses through the Bequest Program.

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