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Making your Way to the U.S. Swiftly? H-1B Visa Cap-Exempt is the Key!

The U.S. application process is a lengthy and demanding procedure that usually takes years to deploy workers, specifically nurses. Yes, some nurses will unquestionably undergo the tiresome application process. But due to that condition, many nurses consider going to a different country with a quicker, less hassle, and more convenient application process than the U.S. It is to fulfill their responsibilities and reach what lifestyle they want for their families, even when it's not pursuing a career in their desired destination, the U.S.

What drives nurses to pursue careers in the U.S. is its thriving economy, progressive healthcare system, and the significant wage that will help them be capable of supporting their family's needs and improving their quality of life. Talking about compensation in the U.S., according to a recent study, they are among the highest-paying countries for nurses. Their advanced technologies and innovative healthcare systems make nurses want to work in the U.S. even more.

Does the idea of going through the lengthy process hold you back from pursuing that USRN dream? Why wait long when you can achieve your goal of becoming a U.S. nurse in a shorter period? Well, we have excellent news for you, nurses! Suppose you already heard about the latest information on retrogression that will delay more your USRN dream? Let us tell you that you don't have to be worried about that! We assure you that you'll still make your way to the U.S. sooner than expected.

You read that right, nurses! A quicker way to your American Dream is now possible through our Newest U.S. employer's H-1B Visa processing. The long wait is indeed over! Insight Global Healthcare helps you be deployed in the U.S. quickly by offering an H-1B visa cap-exempt, unaffected by retrogression. A non-immigrant visa permits U.S. employers to appeal to their government to allow foreign workers to work in specialty positions in the U.S. for a reasonable amount of time.

A specific U.S. employer also sponsors an H-1B visa. The employees' work duration under this visa is initially three years. Still, your employer can also extend this to six years by filing a new petition. However, the H-1B non-immigrant visa is not firmed up and is subject to an actual cap - limiting the number of passes available each year. On the other hand, IGH offers a CAP-EXEMPT for nurses, meaning you may bypass the annual cap and receive your H-1B visa without standing by for the annual lottery.

Come closer to your #AmericanDream with our newest U.S. employer - Insight Global Health (IGH). IGH is one of the largest staffing agencies in the United States that provides H-1B Visa Cap-exempt for you, nurses!

Let's dive deeper into this employer's benefits and opportunities by joining us at our FREE online event this Friday, July 21, from 4 - 6 PM. Two speakers from Insight Global Health will join us - Ms. Jessica Calzaretta (IGH President) and Mr. Jose Seider (IGH Vice President) to give you all an in-depth discussion on their unique benefits, advantages of working in the U.S., and especially, the H-1B Visa cap-exempt opportunity for you, nurses! Grab your slots now. Register at or to join our free webinar. For questions and concerns, you may contact Charrise at +63995-716 7103.

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