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Managing An Overseas Application During A Pandemic

As if 2020 hasn’t given us enough surprises yet, a new variant of the virus that causes COVID-19 has been discovered in the United Kingdom last week. This new variant, referred to by some experts as the B.1.1.7 lineage, isn’t actually the first new variant that has emerged from the coronavirus. However, some countries have become concerned as it is said to be up to 70% more transmissible than the previously dominant strain in the U.K.

More have yet to be known about this variant and how it will affect the coming months or the rest of 2021. Drastic changes like these can be very unnerving, forcing some of us to put our plans on hold or shift our courses entirely. Honestly, there isn’t an easy way of dealing with a world that is constantly transforming!

Indeed, there are many things, such as a global pandemic, that we just wouldn’t be able to control. How we respond to these, however, is an entirely different matter. Do we start living in constant fear to avoid getting hurt or derailed? Or do we focus on the things that we can regulate and make the most out of them?

When it comes to applying as a nurse overseas, you’d most likely gain fruits out of the latter. An overseas application, by nature, is a long and complex process that frequently gets influenced by global forces anyway: Even in the absence of the pandemic, your application will surely be influenced by various events happening in your personal life, in the country, and all around the world! But just as with many things in life, your application is a manageable process, one that can be controlled in the midst of external factors. It may be a boat being rocked by large waves of incidents happening on an international scale, but at the end of the day, you are still the one driving the steering wheel.

So how must a nurse manage her overseas application in the middle of a pandemic? There are many ways of doing this, but one surefire way of making it successful is through choosing a seasoned recruitment agency and / or employer. When things are as unpredictable as they are today, it’s important to be with someone who has gone through similar crises in the past. A recruitment agency or employer that has demonstrated resilience through the years will surely be able to deal with future problems. Abba, together with its U.S. nurse contracting agency client, has shown this in the past decades. Both have weathered the fluctuating lead times, rising immigration issues, and the changing professional and personal lives of its applicants when it comes to the U.S. nurse application process. Today’s crisis, then, is just one of those things that they will be able to surpass.

If these are the kind of companions that you wish to be with in your U.S. nurse application, then you may want to attend our online employer interviews in February 2021. Below are the details of these vacancies:


U.S. Staff Nurse Vacancies in the following areas:

- Medical Ward

- Surgical ward

- Telemetry


- ER

- Step-down or CCU

- OR


- Around 200,000 – 400,000PhP monthly salary

- NCLEX review and exam reimbursement

- IELTS review and exam reimbursement

- Visa Screen fee and processing assistance

- Immigrant visa processing

- Life and health insurances

- Airfare

- Driver’s education

- Car loan provision

- Accommodation upon arrival

- 4,000USD start-up advance

- No placement or processing fee


- At least 6 months of post-license experience

- Experience must be in the adult care area of a tertiary hospital with at least 100 beds

If you are interested and qualified, then you may choose from these 2 easy ways to apply. For questions or concerns, call Coleen at +63977-805 3905 / +63939-190 3412.

- Email your resume and NCLEX pass letter to

Choose your constants amidst this period’s instability wisely. Because now more than ever, #ExperienceMatters !


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