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National Guard Health Affairs in Jeddah is Now Hiring

On Christmas Day, the Saudi government launched a coronavirus center in Jeddah, the Kingdom’s most liberated city. It is the country’s second inoculation facility next to Riyadh, and is strategically located at King Abdulaziz Airport. Similar to the Riyadh center, it was designed to accommodate large numbers of people in a systematic manner, with its 84 initial clinics being managed by highly-trained medical staff. It has the capacity to accommodate up to 10,000 visitors daily in the next few weeks, which may require the center to increase its number of clinics to more than 450.

Both locals and expatriates can get vaccinated in these centers, so if you are a foreign worker based in Jeddah, access to the coronavirus vaccine is definitely a possibility. Good thing, we have opportunities for female Staff Nurses in this open city. Below are the details:


The National Guard Health Affairs is an integrated medical complex composed of medical cities scattered in various regions of Saudi Arabia. As the primary health care provider of the National Guard forces and civilian employees, it is a government hospital that enjoys financial stability and unwavering support from the Arab government. Through the years, NGHA has earned international recognition for its devotion to medical science, research, and the professional advancement of its staff, making it one of the very few institutions in the region that is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). One of its facilities, King Abdulaziz Medical City in Jeddah, is a 751-bedded hospital that has been in operations since 1982.


Medical Cardiac ICU (MCICU)

Adult Cardiac ICU (ACICU)

Pediatric Cardiac ICU (PICU)

Operating Room – Heart Surgery

Pediatric Cardiac Stepdown (PCSD)

Adult Cardiac Surgical HDU

Adult Cardiology Clinic

Surgery Female

Pediatrics Surgical

Acute Medical Unit

ICU 4 Burns Unit

General Pediatrics

Medical / Surgical Female

General Oncology / Palliative Care

Medical Oncology

Adult Hematology / BMT

Oncology Outpatients

Pediatrics ICU

Emergency Room

Dermatology Clinic

OB/GYNE Clinic

Surgery Clinic

Ear Nose Throat Clinic

Internal Medicine Clinic

VIP Clinic


Business Centre – Nursing – Clinic

Business Centre – Nursing – Ward

Pediatric Oncology


- 100% tax-free salary

- special pay on top of the salary for all areas except OPD and Clinic

- Free accommodation

- Free transportation

- Two 30-days paid vacation leave every 6 months

- 1 year renewable contract

- Annual salary increase

- Most cost-efficient application among all of NGHA’s recruitment agencies


- Minimum of 2 years of post-license experience in the desired area

- No employment gap of over 3 months

If excellent compensation, generous vacation leaves AND access to the coronavirus vaccine are things that you’re looking for in a career, then National Guard Health Affairs may be the perfect employer for you. Simply email your updated CV to For questions or concerns, you may reach Rose Neth through 0917-704 7380 / 0918-286 1880. For assistance with your Dataflow or Prometric, contact Tracker.


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