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Now’s An Excellent Time To Schedule The NCLEX – No Kidding.

Whether you’re new to the overseas application scene or not, one exam that you’ve probably heard of even when you were just in nursing school is the NCLEX. The NCLEX, or the National Council Licensure Examination, is the nurse licensure examination for the United States. Since the NCLEX is every nurse’s entry point to his / her top-of-mind overseas work destination, passing it is considered a huge feat among all Filpino nurses.

The NCLEX, however, is considered one of the most difficult—if not the most difficult—nurse licensure exams to pass. Less than 50% of internationally-educated nurses pass it every year and merely scheduling it involves a complicated process that varies across different U.S. states! So yes, nurses like you may have been aware of it since before, but there’s a high chance that you haven’t taken it yet until today.

The NCLEX does need a good level of preparation, but we’ll still say that it’s better for you to take it earlier than later. Here are three reasons why today’s the ideal time to do so.

1. Pearson Vue Manila has recently opened up LOTS of NCLEX testing slots. Pearson Vue is an electronic testing company that administers the NCLEX among thousands of nurses every year. It has one testing site in Makati, Philippines and has recently made more testing slots available to nurses. Because of the pandemic, they had to postpone or cancel many of the slots, therefore affecting all of the schedules from 2020 onwards. From middle of last year until April 2021, many of the available testing slots were already scheduled much later: In April 2021, there was a time when the earliest available testing slot was scheduled in November 2021! Some Filipino nurses even considered traveling abroad since there might be more testing slots in other countries.

Good thing, Pearson Vue Manila was finally able to address it this month: Come May 1, it opened up so many testing slots to nurses, some of which are even scheduled in May 2021. At long last, Filipino nurses won’t have to wait anymore for their desired slots to be available.

2. It’s easier to prepare for it when it’s only been a few years since you’ve graduated. More senior nurses may still pass the NCLEX of course, but it may take them more effort to do so compared to those who’ve only recently graduated. Since the NCLEX is an academic exam, a recent graduate’s study habits are a good match to what she’ll be needing to prepare for the NCLEX. On the other hand, a more senior one may find such scholastic orientation different from her usual routine, so she may have to exert more effort for adjustment. Simply put, preparing for the NCLEX will be easier if you’ve just graduated from nursing school where regularly reviewing for pop quizzes, graded recitations, and midterm exams are a regular part of your day-to-day life.

3. Merely scheduling the NCLEX will consume money, effort, and of course, time. Unlike in the Philippines where there’s just one nursing board for the entire country, the United States is composed of 50 different ones, where each state or territory has its own board. Each state or territory, then, has its own licensure process with varying costs, steps and timelines. Despite these differences, scheduling the NCLEX in most U.S. nursing boards would usually involve the following:

- assessment fees on top of the NCLEX Registration and Examination fees

- a comprehensive process where your educational, local licensure and employment credentials will be assessed and double-checked;

- a processing timeline that will run for several months, and sometimes, years, depending on your level of compliance or current qualifications

Given these, it’s a common habit for nurses to start working on their NCLEX schedule while reviewing for it at the same time. Since both tasks consume significant amounts of time, doing them simultaneuously may make things more efficient.

We are currently holding employer interviews for our biggest U.S. client. If you’ve already passed the NCLEX and wish to be lined up, you may sign-up at If you haven’t passed the NCLEX yet, I suggest that you start working on it now when Lady Luck is still at your side. If you need assistance with your NCLEX scheduling, you may reach out to our partner licensing agency, Tracker.

Below are the details of our job vacancies.


- Medical Ward

- Surgical Ward

- Telemetry A


- ER

- Step-down or Critical Care Units

- OR


Our client is a nurse contracting agency that has sent over 1,200 healthcare professionals to the U.S. For almost three decades, this employer has weathered fluctuating lead times, rising immigration issues, and the changing professional and personal lives of its applicants: The current crisis, then, is just another challenge to surpass. Now more than ever, track record is everything: You can only trust one that has survived the long and complex U.S. nurse application process through the years!


- Around 200,000 – 400,000PhP monthly salary

- NCLEX review and exam reimbursement

- IELTS review and exam reimbursement

- Visa Screen fee and processing assistance

- Immigrant visa processing

- Life and health insurances

- Airfare

- Driver’s education

- Car loan provision

- Accommodation upon arrival

- 4,000USD start-up advance

- No placement or processing fee


- NCLEX Passer RN

- At least 6 months of post-license experience

- Experience must be in the adult care area of a tertiary hospital with at least 100 beds


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