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Nurses for the U.S., Cardiac Physiologists for Ireland

Take it from us when we say that large-scale overseas opportunities have their own time. In our more than 22 years of of recruiting nurses bound abroad, we have witnessed even our most lucrative sources of deployments come and go. When you’re in an industry of a global nature, nurse vacancies are not immune to the changes in international economies, politics, and in this case, health. It’s simply impossible for our line of work to be unaffected by such events in the destinations that we serve.

So when recruitment campaigns or employer interviews come, take advantage of them as much as you can. Job vacancies, especially for nurses, can sometimes feel endless, but like the other countries that we’ve served before, the demand may eventually run its course. As an example, we are currently sourcing NCLEX passer candidates for our U.S.A. nurse vacancies this week. This is the third time within this year that we’re facilitating interviews for our U.S. employer, but mind you, our interviews weren’t as frequent as this before. So if you are an NCLEX passer with at least 6 months of post-license experience in the adult care area of a tertiary hospital with at least 100 beds, it will be unwise for you not to apply. Simply sign-up at or email your updated CV & NCLEX pass letter to For questions or concerns, call Wella Untalan through 0917-703 6871 / 0918-286 1905.

What happens then when recruitment campaigns or employer interviews aren’t around? Your overseas license requirements are things that you can work on in the meantime. For instance, you can start preparing yourself for the NCLEX, the licensure exam for aspiring USRNs. There are new review centers popping around, but no one can beat the experience and expertise of our partner review center, Rachell Allen. It offers comprehensive review courses that are focused on critical thinking. It never fails to update its materials, especially since the NCLEX has gone through recent changes. It also provides a strong support system that will give you the confidence that you need for the NCLEX. You may visit for further details on their courses. You may also contact Richel Tamani through 0917-503 2252 for inquiries.

Once you’re ready to take the NCLEX, you can avail the services of our sister overseas licensing agency, Tracker Credentialing Inc. Tracker can help you go through the tedious NCLEX scheduling process so that you can focus on your nursing career. Through Tracker, you will deal with a simple licensing process because it will take care of the difficult parts for you. You will avoid costly mistakes and delays because its licensing experts are taking charge of your requirements. Because it works in close partnership with us, you can expect Processing Officers that are knowledgeable about the recruitment process. You will also deal with much less follow-ups from us because we are in constant communication with them. If you have questions or concerns about the NCLEX scheduling process, you can leave a message at You may also contact Angelie through 0977-169 4745 / 0949-182 4226 for inquiries.

Now, we don’t have nurse vacancies in Ireland, but we do have opportunities for Cardiac Physiologists. UPMC Whitfield Hospital, the largest private hospital in South East Ireland, is looking for a Senior Cardiac Physiologist and a Chief II Cardiac Catheterisation Physiologist. If you or anyone you know is interested, you may refer to You may also contact Hazel Arjona through, 0917-104 2675 / 0929-451 0012.

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