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Onco, Pedia, OR and OPD Nurse Vacancies in Saudi Arabia’s Children’s Hospital

DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello has recently confirmed that the IATF has just approved the 7,000 HCW deployment cap for the year of 2022. This was kept aligned with the 2021 HCW deployment cap (6,500 that was recently increased to 7,000), and will still exempt those who have existing contracts with their overseas employers; those who will be deployed under any government-to-government arrangement; and those who are bound for the United Kingdom.

Of course, we’d always prefer that there be no deployment limit of any form at all: This has always been our stand from the very beginning. Nevertheless, we have to make do with what the government’s imposing and the best workaround really is for us to continue recruiting and for applicants to carry on with their applications. Bello himself said that the 7,000 HCW deployment cap may still change through the months, so it’s so important that applicants are prepared with their documentary requirements and applications at any given point in time.

One of the hospitals that we’re continuously recruiting for is King Abdullah Specialized Children’s Hospital. It is one of the esteemed facilities of the National Guard Health Affairs, an integrated medical complex composed of medical cities scattered in various regions of Saudi Arabia. Through the years, the NGHA has earned international recognition for its devotion to medical science, research, and the professional advancement of its staff, making it one of the very few institutions in the region that is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). King Abdullah Specialized Children’s Hospital in Riyadh is the Kingdom’s first and most advanced hospital providing tertiary pediatric care. It is the only hospital in the Kingdom that is exclusively devoted to the care of children as it provides pioneering, cutting edge technology and lifesaving treatment for the sickest and most seriously injured children.

If you are interested to work in this facility, then check out the details below.


  • SN – Oncology

  • SN – Pediatrics

  • SN – OR

  • SN – OPD


  • 100% tax free salary, now starting at a higher value of 4,335 SAR (~ 59,000 PhP)

  • Specialty Area Bonus ranging from 450 - 2,250 SAR (~ 6,000 - 30,600 PhP)

  • 2 30-Day Paid Vacation Leaves with free roundtrip ticket scheduled around 6 months apart from each other

  • Free accommodation and transportation

  • 1 year contract, renewable

  • Most cost-efficient application among ALL of NGHA's recruitment agencies


  • Female Muslim RN

  • At least 2 years of solid post-license experience in hospitals with at least 50-bed capacity

  • No more than 6 months of work gap

If you are interested and qualified, please send your CV, passport, valid PRC ID, college diploma, and certificates of employment to then wait for a Recruitment Officer to get in touch with you. For questions or concerns, you may contact Amie through 0917-158 6921 / 0918-286 1908.


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