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Reasons Why Nurses Choose Our U.S. Petitioner

The U.S. nurse recruitment industry is definitely at its busiest nowadays. The growing demand for nurses in the U.S. coupled with the shorter lead time for processing E.B.-3 visas have truly driven nurses, test providers, review centers, recruiters, licensing agencies, and all other related individuals or groups to take advantage of the situation. Social media serves as the primary medium for information dissemination and interaction, so any aspiring USRN can easily scroll down her Facebook page to get a better understanding of the market.

But as with any other hot topic online, confusion and misinformation can sometimes arise, especially since more and more participants are joining the conversation. We ourselves have been noticing our applicants’ stronger reliance on nursing groups or exclusive GCs—even when we, their very recruiters, can be easily emailed or contacted through our various channels. Because of this, we have been doing our best to enhance our social media content to keep the industry conversation factual and reliable at all times.

Speaking of which, we currently have nurse vacancies with one of our U.S. clients. This client has transformed the lives of more than 1,200 nurses and healthcare professionals and will be hiring more through online employer interviews from February 9 – 12. Before you dismiss this as just another USRN opportunity that you saw on Facebook, I encourage you to scroll down further to see the three main reasons why they’re worth a try.

1. They’re one of the most experienced—if not the most experienced—in the business of recruiting Filipino RNs bound for the U.S. Our longest-running U.S. client was incorporated in 1991 and started operations in 1992: We haven’t heard of any other U.S. petitioner who has been in the business for the same length of time. A lot of nurses tend to undermine length of experience when it comes to choosing a U.S. petitioner, but if they only know the various events that our client has successfully weathered, we won’t be surprised if they choose our client in a heartbeat. Our client has dealt with the shift from H.1.-B visa to the E.B.-3 visa; the tremendous retrogression in 2006 – 2007; and the many changes in the professional and personal lives of their applicants. They haven’t only experienced the highest of highs in the industry, but they’ve also survived the lowest of lows: In those years when a lot of U.S. petitioners folded in and filed for bankruptcy, our client kept on marching forward. That’s why we’re not kidding when we say that the current crisis is just another challenge to surpass: When it comes to the U.S. nurse recruitment process, experience does matter because it demonstrates a company’s tremendous resilience amidst a comprehensive and ever-changing industry. I don’t think you can come up with a characteristic that’s more important than resilience during these trying times!

2. They’re a nurse contracting agency—which is veeery important. Direct hire employers are extremely popular nowadays since they do not take any portion of the nurses’ basic salaries. This may sound like a valid point—especially if you’re the type who thinks that salary is the end-all and be-all of a U.S. nursing career. A perspective like this can be pretty dangerous because it discounts the many other factors that can affect the way you work and live in the U.S., such as cost of living, other inclusions in the benefits package, and most importantly, the assurance that you will still have a job vacancy waiting for you after the long and complicated application process.

Have you heard of “abandoned cases”? These are nurses who already have Approval Notices on hand but whose U.S. applications got discontinued by their respective petitioners. One reason why they got “ghosted” by their petitioners was that the petitioners had to shut down due to poor financial health (yes, these have actually happened). Another reason was that their U.S. employers were also their petitioners, or in short—they were directly hired. You see, when U.S. employers announce that they have job vacancies, they are usually pertaining to their manpower needs only for a specific period in time. They would like to fill these vacancies up as soon as possible so they will tap as many sources as they can. Through time, they’d be able to fill these vacancies up and as the months or years progress, they might even reach the point where they don’t have job vacancies for their nurses anymore. When this happens, they are left with no choice but to discontinue the applications of some of their candidates: Foreign nurses tend to experience this more often because they had to undergo a longer application process.

We are aware of this because even the hospitals that our client serves does this every now and then. The big difference of going through our nurse contracting agency client, however, is that they can easily look for another hospital to place the nurses who lost their job vacancies! Direct hire employers wouldn’t be able to give this kind of assurance to nurses: What’s a high salary anyway, when there’s a possibility of abandonment in the long run?

3. They’re not just after placing you. Our client goes above and beyond the usual services because these are the things that lead to good and continuous business. Their almost three decades of experience in the industry is solid proof of how effective this strategy has been! Here are some of the services that they provide nurses that surprisingly, many other U.S. petitioners don’t.

a. Hands-on guidance with the nurse’s professional and immigration requirements

b. Visa Screen certificate assistance

c. Facilitation of the reciprocity of the nurse’s license

d. Intensive 2-3 months training program in their center prior to transferring to the hospital

e. Assistance with government IDs, driver’s license, and other legal requirements

f. A solid support group where recruiters, trainers and fellow nurses get to keep in touch

Don’t be surprised anymore when our client’s nurses describe them as “family”!

If you think that thes three characteristics are important in a U.S. petitioner, then you may sign-up at or email your resume and NCLEX pass letter to Who knows, attending the employer interviews may be the best decision that you’ll ever make in your life.

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