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Royal Free London Is Still Hiring IELTS / OET Passer Nurses

In celebration of International Nurses’ Day, DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello finally exempted the United Kingdom from the 5,000 deployment cap that was imposed on nurses at the start of the year. Though the ongoing cap is still an issue for all of us, we’re glad that at least more Filipino nurses will finally be able to fly to this European country.

One of our clients, the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, has resumed its recruitment activities for its Staff Nurse positions. It is admittedly one of the most preferred Trusts among our U.K. nurse applicants as it is a high-performing facility that has generated some of the best clinical outcomes in the United Kingdom. Composed of 10,000 employees, the Trust serves around 1.6 million patients annually through its three main hospitals located in the capital city of London: Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital, and Royal Free Hospital. It is known for its excellent transplantation, surgery, immunology, and infectious disease services and also works in partnership with the University College London (UCL) in carrying out ground-breaking research and training programs. With its authorization as a Foundation Trust in 2012, it enjoys a higher level of freedom than other Trusts in the way that it manages its facilities, giving it an environment that encourages initiative and participation among employees to meet national healthcare standards.

As it is located in the capital city of London, nurses can also expect an adventurous and progressive experience when they work here. London is unsurprisingly the most progressive place in the U.K. in terms of technology, transportation, culture and entertainment. Filipino nurses won’t feel out of place too because its population is incredibly diverse and is expected to become even more so in the coming years. Working in London practically puts people on the world stage as well, so nurses will get to improve their skills and talents: Being surrounded by highly competitive people and having access to excellent facilities and training will boost their credentials like never before.

If you are interested to work in this prestigious London facility, you may refer to the details below.


  • -Band 5 Salary of £27,846 ( ~ 1,855,000PHP+ per annum) to £36,134 ( ~ 2,408,000PHP+ per annum) after passing the OSCE

  • Band 4 starting salary £23,914 ( ~ 1,593,000PHP+ per annum)

  • 2 months free assistance with sourcing an on-site accommodation

  • Refundable flight ticket of up to £600 ( ~ 39,900 PHP)

  • Refundable IELTS/OET fee of up to £200 ( ~ 13,000 PHP)

  • Refundable NMC fee of up to £140 ( ~ 9,000 PHP)

  • Refundable CBT fee of up to £130 ( ~ 8,000 PHP)

  • Refundable VISA fee of up to £464 ( ~ 30,000 PHP)

  • Paid OSCE test of up to £794 ( ~ 52,000 PHP)

  • Free OSCE training

  • NHS pension and a range of great benefits

  • Provided assistance with NMC Registration

  • Full-time permanent position

  • Paid annual leave (27 days and 8 public holidays)

  • No placement or processing fee


  • At least 1 year of solid post-license experience in a hospital with at least 100 bed capacity

  • IELTS / OET passer (IELTS: at least 6.5 in Writing and at least 7.0 in Listening, Reading and Speaking, OET: at least C+ in Writing and at least B in Listening, Reading and Speaking)

  • An in-process NMC application is an advantage

  • No more than 6 months of work gap


Choose from these 2 ways to apply.


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