Stories Overseas: Ferdinand Comia, BSN, RN

"I was a Nurse Educator at Makati Medical Center when I decided to take a Job Offer from King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC) through Abba Personnel Services, Inc. I received the Job Offer on the first week of December 2014, had the medical clearance on the second week, and then got asked to fly to Saudi Arabia the following week (I, however, opted to fly after Christmas and New Year which Abba assisted me with). I was offered a Staff Nurse 1 position in the Emergency Unit, and though it was a step backward from my current position, I took it based on the guidance of my previous mentor who told me that KFSH&RC is a research specialist hospital which my previous workplace is aiming to become.

KFSH&RC opened a lot of opportunities for me. On my first week in KFSH&RC, I immediately became the Co-Chairman of Unit Base Council in Emergency. I was also sent to Egypt for a Royal Assignment and also got selected as one of the nurses of U.S. President Donald Trump during the Gulf-American Summit. I founded the Radiant Sun Awards which recognizes KFSH&RC employees who have shown exemplary character in their respective fields. I am a representative of the Staff Safety and Well Being Project which aims to care for the staff’s psychological, physiological, mental and emotional wellness. I am a contributor for the Sandscript Magazine, the official magazine / newsletter of KFSH&RC. I also conduct, co-investigate and contribute to the research activities of the hospital as a Nurse Researcher.

At KFSH&RC, I learned that leadership, initiative, and eagerness to develop one’s career growth are best reflected in the everyday choices that we make. For the past 5 years, I have maintained a good relationship with the organization and I am taking part in its continuous development—just as how I’ve also been developing myself. I believe that doing your best in the organization is not enough, because everyone is "doing their best". It is better that you deliver the best that the organization deserves."

Ferdinand is a Filipino nurse who’s currently working at King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He’s involved in the following groups: Nursing Research, KFSH&RC Ethics Committee, Nursing Affairs Staff Safety and Wellness, Emergency Nurse Unit Base Council Adviser for EMS. Abba has deployed him in early 2015.



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