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U.S.A. Staff Nurse Employer Interviews Starting May 24

Every Filipino nurse in the world, in one way or another, has thought about working in the United States. This isn’t a surprise at all, since the U.S. remains to be one of the most preferred destinations of Filipinos who wish to work abroad. Despite this, it’s actually surprising that a lot of Filipino nurses haven’t applied to any U.S. employer or agency at all. Based on our observations, there’s a tendency for them to “wait” for the perfect time or set of conditions before they take their USRN applications seriously.

But is there really a perfect time or set of conditions to become a USRN? As an agency that has been sending Filipino nurses to the U.S. since 1998, we’d say that these are non-existent. Regardless of the visa issuance process; political party that’s governing the U.S.; the economy of the U.S. or the Phlippines; or even one’s own personal circumstances, there will never be a “perfect” time or set of conditions to pursue a nursing career in the United States. Whether you like it or not, there will always be steps to take and challenges to surpass along the way.

There are instances, though, when there are fewer hurdles than usual in the USRN process. This is actually the situation at the moment since there is no retrogression in the processing of the I-140 petition; there are zero rejections on our U.S. visa petitions; and we have upcoming employer interviews for our biggest U.S. employer client. For those who haven’t taken the NCLEX yet, new testing slots have just opened up over the weekend, allowing nurses to take the exam as early as this month. In times when Lady Luck is on your side, it’s wise to take advantage.

If you wish to be interviewed by our employer from May 24 – 25 and 27 – 28, then you may refer to the details below. If you haven’t passed the NCLEX yet, you may seek the assistance of our partner licensing agency, Tracker.


- Medical Ward

- Surgical Ward

- Telemetry A


- ER

- Step-down or Critical Care Units

- OR


Our client is a nurse contracting agency that has sent over 1,200 healthcare professionals to the U.S. For almost three decades, this employer has weathered fluctuating lead times, rising immigration issues, and the changing professional and personal lives of its applicants: The current crisis, then, is just another challenge to surpass. Now more than ever, track record is everything: You can only trust one that has survived the long and complex U.S. nurse application process through the years!


  • Around 200,000 – 400,000PhP monthly salary

  • NCLEX review and exam reimbursement

  • IELTS review and exam reimbursement

  • Visa Screen fee and processing assistance

  • Immigrant visa processing

  • Life and health insurances

  • Airfare

  • Driver’s education

  • Car loan provision

  • Accommodation upon arrival

  • 4,000USD start-up advance

  • No placement or processing fee


  • NCLEX Passer RN

  • At least 6 months of post-license experience

  • Experience must be in the adult care area of a tertiary hospital with at least 100 beds

If you are interested to apply, please attend our May 14 online event by signing up at event will serve as both an informative session for nurses who'd like to apply through us and a venue for lining you up for the May 24 - 28 employer interviews.


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