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“Webinar Na Naman?!”

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how companies like U.S. employers and recruitment agencies conduct their activities. From the usual face-to-face orientations and walk-in applications, employers and agencies are now holding numerous webinars and employer interviews online. The recruitment process hasn’t only become more convenient and accessible to aspiring USRNs: It’s also become easier for employers and recruitment agencies. Instead of requiring nurses to travel all the way to Metro Manila just to attend a hotel event with tarpaulin banners and bad coffee, employers and agencies nowadays are able to recruit nurses through simply sharing a Zoom link in social media.

But the ease and convenience that the Internet offers also come with costs. For one thing, Filipino nurses may already be getting overwhelmed as their News Feeds are being constantly bombarded with advertisements for such webinars. Because it doesn’t really take rocket science to hold webinars, employers and recruitment agencies are churning them out at astronomical speeds and frequencies. We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a webinar for Filipino nurses every single day of this week!

Closely related to this is another problem that ease and convenience have also brought about: We are now seeing a tendency for nurses and companies to take webinars less seriously. It is not uncommon for attendees to be multi-tasking when attending a Zoom webinar: In fact, some of them only attend certain parts of it, depending on their mood or current attention span. On the other hand, companies (not just employers and recruitment agencies) don’t put in that much preparation to their presentations anymore. Some companies even hold these events longer than usual, as if their events’ attendees have all the time in the world.

Given these disadvantages, will another webinar for aspiring USRNs by a U.S. employer or agency still be worth attending? We’ll say yes, BUT only if it has the following characteristics.

1. The webinar will cover a topic that no one else has discussed before. U.S. employers and recruitment agencies will naturally promote their services in the event: Why else would they invest time, money and effort if they won’t be able to reap any form of benefit? However, their services should NOT be the only thing that they’ll be talking about. They should be armed with unique information that is relevant to your pursuit for a job in the U.S.

2. The webinar is a stepping stone towards your employment in the U.S. Yes, you may not get interviewed during the webinar itself, but the U.S. employer or agency must at least have job vacancies in store for you. At the end of the day, fulfilling the American Dream is every attendee’s goal, so this webinar better be a way for him / her to reach it sooner.

3. The webinar will be implemented by a a reputable U.S. employer or agency. Presenting is easy, but presenting well is an entirely different thing. Only a U.S. employer or agency that has been conducting huge events even before the pandemic; sending nurses abroad for years; and implementing high-quality marketing activities has the capability to give an exceptional presentation that will be worth your time.

Now more than ever, your time and energy are very precious. Make sure you use them well by reserving them for high-quality webinars! In fact, we have one just for you on May 14 Friday. Visit for more details.


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