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Work at Ireland’s Only Internationally Accredited Public Hospital!

After months of hiatus, government hospitals in Ireland, such as St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin, has gotten back to hiring once again. As the Philippines’ #1 recruitment agency for Filipino nurses bound for Ireland, we are aware of how seasonal the demand for nurses in this European country can be: Due to Ireland’s small size and population, hospital vacancies can appear and disappear real fast!

To give you an idea, we started sending hundreds of nurses to Ireland from 2000 to 2007. Come 2008 until 2015, we stopped hiring for this market since we’ve already filled up the country’s many vacancies. From 2016 until 2018, we got back to hiring for Ireland hospitals once again. End of last year, some of its government hospitals resumed their recruitment activities and in July 2022, one of its most esteemed healthcare institutions has thankfully relayed job vacancies to us once again! So it may seem that Ireland nursing vacancies will always be around for the taking, but it’s surprising that changes in the application process, global events, and other external factors can suddenly transform the situation. It’s ideal, then, that nurses take advantage of the opportunities while they’re still here.

Come and take advantage of this moment by applying to St. Vincent’s University Hospital today! Not only is it located in Ireland where you’ll get to enjoy the typical benefits of a Western country: You’ll also be associated with this European country’s only internationally-accredited government hospital! Check out the below details for more information.


Staff Nurse Vacancies (All Areas except NICU and Pediatric areas) St Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland BENEFITS

  • 31,109 - 47,931EUR (~ 1.8M+ - 2.7M+) per annum based on years of experience

  • Adaptation Program paid by the hospital

  • Up to 1,000EUR accommodation allowance

  • Up to 800EUR flight reimbursement

  • 250EUR ATWS fee reimbursement

  • 80EUR visa fee reimbursement

  • 24 days annual leave, 9 public holidays

  • 39 hrs./week with additional pay for shift differentials

  • Permanent, full time pensionable contracts

  • Professional development and educational opportunities for Masters and post-graduate programs

  • Full support with nursing registration for the Irish Nursing Board (NMBI)

  • No placement or processing fee


  • At least 2 yrs. of post-license experience in the desired area in a hospital with at least 100 beds

  • NMBI Decision Letter holder OR with ongoing NMBI Application


Sign-up at: or email your updated CV, IELTS / OET result, screenshot of NMBI DL / NMBI Application Status, and passport (all in PDF format) to


  • Ireland's only public hospital with international accreditation

  • home to a significant number of national centers such as National Centre for Cystic Fibrosis, National Cancer Control Programme, National Liver Transplant Programme and National Pancreas Transplant Programme

  • has a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care, putting research and education at its core


Contact Louie through 0917-327-9899 / 0918-286-1923. POEA LICENSE NO. 159-LB-091615-RAOE. NO FEES TO BE COLLECTED. BEWARE OF ILLEGAL RECRUITERS. ACCREDITATION NO. 10330838.

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