Abba obtained its license with Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in June 1998. Abba has deployed workers of various categories to Saudi Arabia, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Ireland.


Abba’s philosophy is based on the concept of quality and speed, which can be best achieved by people with experience in the business. The officers of Abba are imbued with know-how in their respective areas.

At the helm of the company is Nestor Flores, the President. He has been in the business for 20 years. He started in overseas recruitment as Managing Consultant of EDI-Staff Builders Inc., the overseas arm of John Clements Consultants Company. He also helped organized and managed two other overseas recruitment companies. In the early 80’s he worked with the U.S-based hospital management company of Whittaker Corporation as its Representative in the Philippines. From 1986 to 1998. he was the President of ADD International Services.

Abba has a well-trained and hardworking staff who are graduates of the top universities in the country. They are dedicated individuals whose primary task is to assist applicants in pursuing their dreams of working abroad and in making sure that clients meet their staffing objectives.

The Abba staff includes Nurse Interviewers who interview and assess applicants, Recruitment Assistants who facilitate and coordinate the recruitment process between the employers and the applicants, and the Administrative Staff who support and ensure the smooth flow of the application and employments process.


The size of Abba’s staff depends on its level of activity; we hire more people when there are more job orders. As of January 2018, Abba has 40 regular employees. We have two departments (Operations and Administrative) and two staffing groups (Accounting and Nurse Interviews). Our organization is client-oriented, instead of being organized by function.

The Operations Team is composed of employees who are assigned to clients and prospects. There are 4 Teams, each Team headed by a Recruitment Officer, who has under her from 4-5 Recruitment Specialists. Each Recruitment Specialist is assigned to clients and she takes care of the client’s needs – sourcing of qualified applicants, submission of required documents to the client, visa processing, liaising with the applicants and the client, ensuring that their needs are met. These are well-trained persons that specialize in the recruitment of healthcare professionals.

The Administrative Team is the support group that performs quality control on candidates selected by clients, does the pre-qualification of applicants, conducts background checks on all approved applicants, process the verification of primary sources, liaises with government agencies and airlines, and carries out post departure follow-ups.

The Business Development Team is the youngest one to-date and was created to ensure a group is solely dedicated to the exploration of new markets; systems; ways of recruiting; and even other sources of business. This team persistently looks at gaps and opportunities in the current operations of the company so as not just to cope with, but rather lead the growth of the country's overseas recruitment industry.


All teams work together in optimizing the manpower needs of the clients and offering job opportunities to applicants. Simply hover your mouse on any box below to show photos of our various teams.