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Follow The Latest Updates On Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia Nursing Reclassification And How Our Partner, Tracker Can Assist You With Those!

For Filipino nurses and other healthcare professionals eyeing opportunities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS) serves as a crucial part of your journey. The SCFHS is established as the regulatory and registration board that supervises healthcare-related practices and accreditation throughout Saudi Arabia. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring the highest standards of healthcare delivery in the country, tasked with formulating innovative healthcare programs, as well as establishing the proper set of standards for healthcare professions.

Just like most of the registration boards in other countries, the SCFHS will require nurses and other medical professionals intending to work in KSA to take the Saudi Nursing Licensing Exam or SNLE. Nurses need to pass this exam in order to get the classification certificate which is one of the requirements for their visa applications. But before you could take the exam, you must first apply for a professional classification through SCFHS’ Muramis+ portal. The SCFHS will classify your professional ability based on your education, training, experience, and evaluation, based on their standard policies.

The SCFHS classifies nurses into two categories: Nurse Technician and Nurse Specialist. Technicians typically refers to underboard nurses or nurses who hold diplomas or certificates in nursing obtained from vocational or technical institutions. They may also refer to those who do not have a degree in nursing but have the qualifications from a different field in healthcare. Specialist on the other hand, pertains to nurses with post-licensure experience prior to working in KSA or those who pursued advanced education and training. However, your classification isn't solely determined by the highest degree you’ve attained. In some cases, the SCFHS classifies and evaluates applicants based on its standards. For instance, while you may have a Bachelor's degree in Nursing and qualify for the Nurse Specialist classification, the committee may exercise discretion to classify you as a Nurse Technician depending on their assessment.

The Saudi Arabia government recently issued a memorandum within the healthcare sector, encouraging nurses to reclassify their Saudi Council License status from Nurse Technician to Nurse Specialist. What everyone is asking now is, why is this reclassification necessary? Across many tertiary hospitals in KSA, there's a concerted push for licensed nurse technicians to advance to nurse specialist status, particularly for those aspiring to positions of leadership such as head nurses, supervisors, nurse managers, and similar roles that require effective leadership, management, and supervision capabilities.

In the context of aspiring KSA-RN professionals like yourself, the primary reason to consider reclassifying your license is to ensure alignment between your visa and the position you're seeking. Currently, the Saudi Embassy tends to approve fewer visas for nurses holding nurse technician licenses. So, to streamline the visa application process, it's crucial that your license and visa match the position you're applying for. Furthermore, most clients and nursing vacancies in KSA specifically require applicants to be classified as a Nurse Specialist, accompanied by post-licensure experience. Aligning your license with these requirements enhances your eligibility and chances to work within the Saudi healthcare industry.

In order to apply for a reclassification, you’ll need to utilize Mumaris+, an e-portal provided by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties to access their various services. Through the Mumaris+ portal, healthcare practitioners can request changes to their classification, such as reclassification from Nurse Technician to Nurse Specialist. Below are the requirements you'll need to fulfill for the reclassification:

  • Updated Saudi Dataflow Report

  • Passport

  • Employment Certificate (at least 1 year post-licensed experience from the last 2 years)

  • PRC license

  • College Diploma and Transcript of Record

If you need any help processing your Saudi License Reclassification, feel free to reach out to Tracker at for their expert assistance. As a SEC-registered corporation, Tracker specializes in aiding nurses and healthcare professionals with overseas licensing requirements and applications.

Find out more about the assistance that Tracker can give you! Join us at their upcoming FB Live Session and stay informed about the latest updates from the Saudi Embassy and discover why prioritizing your Dataflow and Prometric exams is essential. Tune in on June 07, 2024, Friday at 4 PM!

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