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Get To Work at the Largest Hospital Provider in California Through Professional Healthcare Recruiters!

The U.S. indeed has a protracted and complicated process for becoming U.S. Registered Nurses (USRNs). There are steps and necessary documents that you should acquire to achieve your American Dream, such as your educational attainment, licensures, language proficiency, and, of course, immigration requirements. This action is designed to ensure that foreign nurses aiming to work in the U.S. healthcare system meet the necessary standards for competency, academics, and language capability. 

Despite the challenges, nurses are still attracted to working in the U.S. and contributing to its healthcare workforce. Aside from personal and professional goals, one primary reason for nurses is to seek financial stability. Let's be honest: the U.S. incontestably offers higher salaries and even better compensation for healthcare professionals compared to many other countries, including the Philippines. That's why, many Filipino nurses are eyeing to work in this country, seeking to enhance their financial potential not just only for themselves but also for their families. Additionally, when you work in the U.S., you are a step closer to attaining a stable job in your field as the demand for healthcare professionals in the U.S. is continuously increasing, providing job security for nurses.  

Another strong factor that drives nurses to the U.S. is the country's diverse work environment and global healthcare standards. The U.S. healthcare setting consists of nursing homes, community health institutions, clinics, and hospitals. This diversity helps nurses to align with their career goals by choosing their desired work environment. Speaking of an excellent environment, the U.S. healthcare system is widely considered as a leader in setting global healthcare standards. This provides nurses exposure to the latest medical research, advanced medical technologies, and access to best nursing practices, for them to fully enhance their skills and expertise. 

Even though the U.S. application process may seem complex and demanding, many nurses still want to pursue their careers in the U.S. Understanding these needs, respected recruitment agencies come into the picture to provide nurses with a thorough yet simplified process so you won't be baffled along the way.

Here at Abba, we are dedicated to providing you with only the best and most reputable overseas clients. We consistently ensure that you are matched with the right employer. Just like one of our U.S. clients, Professional Healthcare Recruiters (PHR), which is currently looking for nurses like you!

Being in the industry since 1992, Professional Healthcare Recruiters (PHR) became one of the trusted agencies in the U.S. that specializes in direct hire arrangements. They recruited and placed hundreds of medical professionals (Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Medical Technologists, and Nurses) throughout the United States. We've listed down the significant benefits offered by PHR:

  • 40 - 70 USD per hour. Earning a starting salary of up to 71 USD  (3,900PHP) per hour is definitely a game-changer for every professional. Imagine being well-compensated and receiving a great range of benefits. This implies that you can make a good life in the U.S. while supporting your family with the better lifestyle that they deserve. Who wouldn't want that, right?

  • Relocation allowance up to 5,000 USD. PHR provides (281,000PHP) to you, nurses, so you can be well-prepared in finding suitable housing and have less hassle settling into the U.S. 

  • Direct Hire Setting on EB-3 Visa. PHR places its candidates on direct hire arrangements. This means that nurses will be hired not by PHR but directly by the client/hospital instead. And yes, nurses will receive the same benefits that the hospital offers to all employees. So since you will be working directly at the facility, you shouldn't be afraid about the idea of salary deductions because there are no cuts at all. As you are under an EB-3 visa, you will be able to travel freely, work, and live permanently in the U.S. You can also bring your family with you to the U.S. and sponsor them in applying for their green cards too! 

  • Sign-on bonus of up to 7,000 USD. On top of the comprehensive benefits that PHR offers (403B retirement investment plan, one month of free housing, free airfare ticket, and medical, dental, and vision care), they also offer a sign-on bonus of up to 394,000PHP. Indeed, there are many more attractive benefits of PHR that nurses couldn't resist!

  • Placement in various States. Nurse positions are available throughout the U.S. including California. When you apply to PHR, rest assured that you will be deployed to only esteemed facilities in the U.S. Through Professional Healthcare Recruiters, you can get to work at Dignity Health - the largest hospital provider in California. And not just that, there's no placement/processing fee for you either!

We have also listed the required documents that you need (so you can start preparing and compiling them), the required scores for English exams, and some tips straight from our recruiter as well. This will give you a glimpse of how your application will progress when you apply at PHR.


- Updated and Detailed CV/Resume

- Valid Passport

- Valid PRC License

- Visa Screen (if available)

- IELTS/PTE/OET Pass Report (required)

- Bachelor's Degree in Nursing Diploma

- 3 Letters of Reference from RN Supervisors (if available)

- Official TOR

- Summary/Report of RLE

- Certification of Board Rating

- Board Certification as Registered Nurse

- Certificate of Good Standing

- Certificate of Employment/s

- NCLEX License Pass Report/Verification/Certificate


Pro Tips: 

1. While having a lot of pending applications might increase your chances of receiving an offer, it is much better if you prioritize a single application with your preferred employer.  With that, you will be able to express yourself more effectively during the interviews that you will undergo and fully commit to one application only.

2. Ensure that your CV is up-to-date and well-detailed. Include information about your job roles and responsibilities for each employment you've had.

3. Having a valid English exam and/or Visascreen has an advantage since these two (2)

documents will enable your application to advance quickly.

What are you waiting for, nurses? Apply now to Professional Healthcare Recruiters and receive numerous benefits that this employer has to offer! Check out the details below for more information.


Staff Nurse Vacancies

Professional Healthcare Workers in U.S.A

Available areas:


Operating Room

Emergency Department




Labor and Delivery


Starting salary of 40 - 71 USD (~ 2,200 - 3,900PHP) per hour

Relocation allowance up to 5,000 USD (~ 281,000PHP)

Offers Direct Hire on E.B.-3 Visa

One month free housing upon arrival before they find their own apartment 

Free airfare ticket from Manila to the workplace

Sign on bonus up to 7,000 USD (~ 394,000PHP)

Comprehensive benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, Virtual Care)

403B Retirement Investment Plan

 No placement/processing fee

Deployed in various U.S. States including California

*Nurse positions are also available throughout the U.S.; the compensation and benefits depend on location and state.


1 year minimum hospital bed side experience

NCLEX Passer

IELTS Passer

Having US Visa Screen is an advantage


Send your CV to and wait for a Recruitment Officer to get in touch with you.


has recruited hundreds of healthcare professionals through E.B.-3 Visa

places nurses throughout the majority in California

provides career-matching service between professionals and the employers by offering a direct hiring process


 Contact Nalyn at  +63917- 505 1126 / +63939- 190 3417.

Abba Personnel Services Inc.

Upper Ground Floor, North Podium

Pioneer Highlands, Pioneer St. cor EDSA 

Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines


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