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Here's One Of Our Most Trusted Staffing Agency to Guide You On Your Ireland RN Dream!

For years, specialists in the healthcare industry have claimed the high demand for healthcare professionals, especially nurses around the globe. The need for competent, skilled nurses to provide outstanding safety care to patients in various organizations is constant. Due to clinics, facilities, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations that continue to overcome staffing shortages, many employers are considering partnering with healthcare staffing agencies to support their workforce needs and fill vacancies with experienced and qualified professionals. Collaborating with staffing agencies can indeed provide multiple benefits for employers and professionals seeking a job.

Healthcare staffing agency specializes in sourcing and recruiting qualified medical professionals for the healthcare sector. They help employers hire workers for a specific position and provide an extensive range of staffing solutions and knowledge to support the needed workforce of their clients continuously. Philippine Healthcare recruitment agencies, in return, act as a medium or a middleman between the hiring organization and the healthcare professionals looking for career opportunities.

Hence, most nurses opt to apply to recruitment agencies as they conduct thorough guidance and assistance throughout your application; you don't have to do it alone when applying for a potential job. Remember, you can always find the best agency to help you achieve your overseas goal while you focus on improving your skills. Come to think of it, as these agencies work with the healthcare sector; they already have a comprehensive understanding of the needs and demands of the employers. Undoubtedly, they can provide you with significant support and much better options that suits you the best.

Talking about healthcare recruitment agencies, they can offer many benefits both for the employer and the professionals. Setting your eyes on working with a staffing agency? Then, you might want to learn more about our trusted staffing agency for Ireland - Kate Cowhig International Healthcare Recruitment.

To give you a background, KCR is an approved agency for sourcing the best healthcare personnel that complies with the Department of Health Code of Practice on recruiting international nurses and midwives. They are the leading provider of nurses for the National Health Service (NHS) in the U.K. and Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland.

KCR has been in the industry for over 33 years and has an entrenched reputation in both U.K. and Ireland as they've been operating since 1990, training and sharpening exceptional candidates in various nursing jobs. Through their substantial experience in this field, you can assure that this agency will always be committed to helping you with your application every step of the way.

This is your chance, aspiring Ireland RNs! Kate Cowhig Recruitment will visit the Philippines to conduct another round of in-person interviews for St. Vincent's University Hospital on Aug. 19, 20, and 21!

Check out the below details for more information.


Staff Nurse Vacancies (All Areas except NICU, Pediatric, & Hemodialysis areas)

St. Vincent’s University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland


Increased salary of 33,193EUR – 50,865EUR (~ 1.9M+ - 3M+PHP) per annum based on years of experience

Adaptation Programme paid by the hospital

Up to 3,910EUR (~ 235,000PHP) accommodation allowance for first 3 mos.

Reimbursable costs: Up to 800EUR flight, 250EUR ATWS fee, and 80EUR visa fee

24 days annual leave, 9 public holidays

39 hrs./wk with additional pay for shift differentials

Permanent, full time pensionable contracts

Professional development and educational opportunities for Masters and post-graduate programs

Full support w/ nursing registration for the Irish Nursing Board (NMBI)

No placement or processing fee


IELTS / OET passer*

IELTS: at least 6.5 in one subtest and at least 7.0 in the other three

OET: at least C+ in one subtest and at least B in the other three

At least 2 yrs. of post-license experience in the desired area in a hospital w/ at least 150 beds

NMBI Decision Letter is not required but having one is an advantage

*Applicants w/ 1 failed subtest in the IELTS / OET, but has confirmation receipt of retaking the test and NMBI DL can apply


Sign up at: or

Send your CV, IELTS / OET result, screenshot of NMBI DL / NMBI Application Status (if applicable), and passport (all in PDF format) to or


an Ireland-based employer with the capability to deploy nurses in just a few months

leading teaching hospitals that are home to a significant number of national centers for cancer, liver transplant, heart surgery, rare diseases, etc.

located in Dublin, named as one of UNESCO's Cities of Literature and labeled twice by TripAdvisor as one of Europe's friendliest cities


Contact Pia through +63917-700 3059.

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Upper Ground Floor, North Podium

Pioneer Highlands, Pioneer St. cor EDSA

Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines


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