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Need Local Work Experience? Metro Pacific Health is Here for You!

Modern technology has vastly influenced healthcare: From how procedures are being implemented, how patients are being taken care of, and to how medical information are recorded, technological advancements can be felt everywhere. These changes have consequently led to new standards and practices. Many times, these standards and practices also required new ways of delivering healthcare.

The majority of healthcare professionals who are responsible for delivering this are comprised of Nurses, our primary frontline healthcare workers. Nurses have long been accustomed to bedside work opportunities but nowadays, they have a wide variety of career options to choose from. Nurses can now be Telehealth Providers, Nurse Recruiters, Nursing Exam Instructors, and the like—all from the comforts of their home, or wherever they choose to be. A few Nurses have even resorted to becoming Content Creators or Influencers by simply talking about Nursing in their social media sites!

This increasing number of career opportunities may have encouraged the growing number of Nursing students and Board Exam takers in recent years. However, all of this has led to a gaping hole in the number of Nurses who are working bedside. This is alarming because most overseas employers who’d fly Nurses all the way to their countries require bedside experience. So when we look at our applicant database, the problem isn’t really the lack of Philippine RNs--It’s the lack of bedside experience that Philippine RNs have!

Good thing, our USRN client Visa Solutions Healthcare has recently partnered with Metro Pacific Health to help address this problem. Metro Pacific Health is the Philippines’ largest private hospital group. It is composed of 21 hospitals, including some of the country’s top facilities such as Makati Medical Center, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Manila Doctors Hospital and Davao Doctors Hospital. Through VSH’s partnership with MPH, Nurses who wish to apply to VSH’s USRN vacancies but do not have the necessary bedside experience will be prescreened for and placed in any of MPH’s facilities. This way, Nurses can get the required bedside experience to become USRNs through VSH. At the same time, the staffing requirements of local hospitals like that of MPH are also being addressed. Truly, it’s a partnership where everyone gets to benefit!

With this, we invite ALL PHILIPPINE RNS to the Visa Solutions Healthcare In-Person Interviews and Recruitment Event! Happening on October 9 – 10 in Pasig and October 12 – 13 in Davao, the event will primarily involve in-person interviews of Visa Solutions Healthcare among aspiring USRNs. In addition to this, there will also be in-person interviews of Metro Pacific Health among RNs who still need local work experience! So as long as you’re a Philippine-licensed nurse, regardless of your employment background, you will find the event very useful for you.

To register or know more about the event, please sign up at or See you all there!

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