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Become a USRN Through Abba!

When it comes to choosing a U.S. employer, track record is everything: You can only rely on one that has survived the long and complex U.S. nurse recruitment process through the years! Our client, Vintage Health Resources, is a nurse contracting agency that has this as it has been in this business since 1991. In almost three decades, it has sent over 1,200 healthcare professionals to the United States and has weathered fluctuating lead times, rising immigration issues, and the changing lives of its applicants. During these unpredictable times, experience really is the most important factor.

Good for you, we will be holding employer interviews for Vintage Health Resources on October 21, 23, 27, 28 and 30. If you are an NCLEX passer with at least 6 months of post-license experience in the adult care area of a tertiary hospital with at least 100 beds, you may apply. Simply sign-up at or email your updated CV & NCLEX pass letter to For questions or concerns, simply call Wella Untalan through 0917-703 6871 / 0918-286 1905.

If you aren’t qualified yet, we have partner institutions that may give you the help that you need. Rachell Allen, for instance, is Abba’s partner review center for the NCLEX. There are many new NCLEX review centers popping up in the market, but like Abba and VHR, Rachell Allen’s experience sets it apart from the rest. It is popular for its comprehensive review courses that is focused on critical thinking, so that you are able to answer even the most difficult questions confidently. It is also ahead of the other review centers when it comes to updating its resources, which is extremely important now that the NCLEX itself is changing. Lastly and most importantly, you will gain a strong support system that you will just not get anywhere else. We ourselves have sat in one of their classes, and we were amazed with how Rachell Allen has developed a close-knit community that encourages positivity among everyone. Don’t be surprised if you form strong friendships with your Rachell Allen classmates even after a long period of time! You may visit for further details on their courses. You may also contact Richel Tamani through 0917-503 2252 for inquiries.

Once you’re ready to take the NCLEX, you can seek the assistance of our sister overseas licensing agency, Tracker Credentialing Inc. Tracker can help you go through the tedious NCLEX scheduling process so that you can focus on your nursing career instead. Through Tracker, you will deal with a simple licensing process because it will do all the nitty-gritty for you. You will avoid costly mistakes and delays because Tracker’s licensing experts are taking charge of your requirements. Because it works in close partnership with us, you can expect Tracker Processing Officers that are knowledgeable about the recruitment process. You will also deal with much less follow-ups from us because we are in constant communication with them. If you have questions or concerns about the NCLEX scheduling process, you can leave a message at You can also contact Angelie through 0977-169 4745 / 0949-182 4226 for inquiries.

We wish to see you in our upcoming employer interviews, Filipino nurses! But if now’s not yet your time, we hope that Rachell Allen or Tracker will be able to help you get qualified for our future interviews.

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