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Come and Experience Grit Academy: A State-of-the-Art Training Center of Insight Global Health

Indeed, the idea of the American Dream lingers in the healthcare community. But it is no surprise that they are also aware of the intricacies of the USRN application. This is why some nurses still hesitate to pursue a career in the U.S. due to its tedious and complicated application process. Nurses may opt to work in a different country with a more convenient and faster process to support and provide for their families. However, allow us to shed light in the dark with the assurance that everything will be alright and worth it despite the challenging process with the right employer and recruiter.

Because you can never go wrong when you're with the right and reputable employer, you can guarantee that your application will not just be abandoned or experimented with, as they have demonstrated accomplishments in helping and guiding USRN applicants throughout the entire journey. An employer with extensive experience and knowledge in handling the US application process knows how to make it less demanding and burdensome for nurses. Perhaps you're wondering which employer we're referring to.

One of our U.S. clients, Insight Global Health, is an esteemed talent agency pioneering in the healthcare industry. They are committed to helping hiring managers connect with highly skilled professionals and assisting in the talent recruitment process, from application to deployment. Insight Global Health will certainly support you throughout your preparation, helping you achieve your dream career in the U.S. In addition to connecting nurses with exceptional opportunities, they are dedicated to preparing and educating nurses for careers abroad through their International Transition to Practice Program (ITPP). 

ITPP is a U.S. standards-based, in-depth training curriculum structured to facilitate the successful transitions and adaptation of Filipino and other international nurses who are about to work in the U.S. It is also implemented as a support strategy for all nurses. The program's primary goal is to strengthen nurses' competence and confidence as they embark on a new journey in a different community and work environment. Indeed, you can see how much Insight Global Health assists and helps the nurses develop their skills and be well-prepared to work in the U.S.

For nurses to have a comprehensive understanding of working in the U.S., this program covers topics on U.S. Integration and Workforce Integration, providing insight into what it's like to live and work in the U.S. It also includes Healthcare Technology and Clinical Workflow, allowing nurses to gain knowledge in using standard technology and equipment, as well as performing patient care routines. Lastly, the Healthcare Transition Program focuses on helping nurses adapt to a new healthcare environment. 

Insight Global Health's Grit Academy is a prime simulation laboratory and training center located in Mega Tower Complex in Manila. Exclusively designed to prepare, train, and educate international nurses before they work in a U.S. healthcare setting, the 16-week training program will commence upon completing the WA RN License Endorsement. It will run concurrently with your visa processing, with a learning schedule of 8 hours daily from Monday to Friday. Nurses are required to be in Manila every Monday to Friday for the 16 weeks of training. While there will be some virtual teaching, the majority of the training will take place in person at the facility, incorporating simulation labs and providing an immersive educational experience.

While this may initially seem challenging, rest assured that you don't have to worry because Insight Global Health will provide you with everything you need for the training. Here are some of the benefits Grit Academy offers:

  • You will be paid for your 16 weeks of in-person training.

  • IGH will provide hotel accommodations for the weeks required for you to be in Manila.

  • You will receive a travel and food allowance while you're in Manila.

  • The group of nurses that attend training at the same time will be deployed and work at Multicare together.

In October 2023, 10 Filipino nurses graduated from Grit Academy and embarked on their journey to Tacoma, Washington, where they began working at MultiCare Hospital System. In November, another group of 45 nurses began training at Grit Academy Manila. While the training might present some challenges, with continuous support from Insight Global Health, you can be assured that your skills will be honed and advanced, putting you on the right path.

Learn more about Insight Global Health's exclusive benefits by watching our upcoming Facebook Live event entitled "Leap Your Way to Success: USRN Processing through H-1B Cap-Exempt" on February 8 at 4 PM. Our very own Recruitment Specialist, Rossa Silva, will tackle the necessary processes you need to know, generous offers, exclusive benefits from IGH, and the ways to apply. Joining her is Angelie Matias, the Senior Processing Specialist from our licensing partner, Tracker, who will thoroughly guide you through your licensing process.

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See you soon, aspiring USRNs!

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