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Direct Hire or Staffing Agency? Get The Best Of Both Worlds with Visa Solutions Healthcare!

Many Filipino nurses aspire to work in the U.S., but they often find themselves confused about the various deployment options available. Should it be through a Staffing Agency or a Direct Hire arrangement? To deepen one's knowledge and aid in decision-making, let's first discuss what a Staffing Agency and Direct Hire entail. A Staffing Agency serves as both the recruiter and the entity that matches candidates with potential employers. They handle the entire application process, sponsor the EB-3 visa, and cover recruitment and immigration fees. The employment offered by a staffing agency is typically on a limited contract basis, and compensation and benefits may differ from those provided to regular staff in hospitals or healthcare facilities.  The employment duration for this is usually short-term; that's why, when you're under a staffing agency, either you will apply for a permanent role at the hospital or seek another employer through the staffing agency.

But let’s look at the brighter side. When you work with a staffing agency, you’re guaranteed comprehensive support throughout your USRN journey. From the very beginning of your application to your arrival and employment phase in the U.S., the staffing agency will definitely make your application process simpler and easier to comprehend so you will not be lost and confused when you undergo the procedure. They will also assist and guide you through the immigration requirements and everything you need to accomplish for your application.

When something happens with your initial employer, you don’t have to worry about losing your job because a staffing agency can and will offer you other reputable employers, so you know that you’re in the right hands. In addition, they normally offer assistance with certain application costs, so you will not be concerned about spending too much on expenses for your application.

On the other hand, the Direct Hire arrangement is more favorable to nurses. Your recruiter will be a specific hospital/healthcare facility. They are the ones who will sponsor your EB-3 visa and cover the immigration fees. Here are some other reasons that make the direct hire arrangement even more appealing:

  • Employment Security and Protected Integration: With a Direct Hire arrangement, you become an official employee of the hospital/healthcare facility, ensuring legal employment rights, including protection against wrongful termination. You can also experience the full protection of labor laws from the start of your work. It involves equal treatment, anti-discrimination measures, and access to benefits without delay.

  • Job Offer: Unlike a staffing agency, which offers limited contract employment, direct hire arrangements provide permanent employment at the healthcare facility where you are working. In line with this, you can also acquire career advancement opportunities as Direct Hire positions often come with well-defined pathways for professional growth within the organization.

  • Compensation and Benefits: In a direct hire setting, you don't have to worry about salary cuts or deductions. You will receive the same benefits that the hospital provides to its regular staff. In terms of scheduling compliance, Direct Hire positions often adhere to legal ordinances regarding work hours, breaks, and overtime pay to ensure you are fairly compensated for your work.

  • Employment Duration: Direct hire positions are typically long-term and can be extended or renewed. This means that it's not a big deal if you finish your contract with your employer, as you don't have to find another employer through a staffing agency.

Now that you know the difference between Staffing Agencies and Direct Hire placement and their benefits, you may be wondering - is it possible to get the best of both worlds? Nurses, we have the perfect U.S. employer for you! You don't have to choose between one or the other because you can have both through one of our U.S. clients. Visa Solutions Healthcare's direct hire USRN opportunities, with the benefits of a staffing agency!  What sets Visa Solutions Healthcare apart from other agencies is the use of the Direct Hire method. This means that all healthcare professionals in their program will be employed directly at the healthcare facility instead of the agency. With this, you can gain more control over your future career path and more stability inside the hospital where you will be working. 

With Visa Solutions Healthcare (VSH), you can also expect comprehensive support throughout your USRN journey, from the application process and immigration requirements to your actual arrival and employment phase. In fact, VSH will also cover various upfront application costs, including one-time NCLEX, IELTS/OET/PTE review, and exams. Most importantly, VSH is one of the rare agencies that grant nurses the ability to bring their dependents/families to the U.S. on the same date of their deployment! A cherry on top, indeed!

Interested in applying to VSH? Check out the details below for more information.


Visa Solutions Healthcare, U.S.A

Staff Nurse Vacancies

Cardiology Nurses



Cath Lab

Neurology Nurses

Neuro ICU

Acute Stroke Unit

Oncology Nurses

Surgery and Orthopedic Nurses

General ICU / High-Dependency Unit (HDU)

Maternal/OB Nurses – L&D, Antepartum/Postpartum

General Med/Surg Nurses 


30 - 40 USD Hourly Salary depends on the PWD and your clinical experience

Vacancies in Over 65 Acute Care Facilities / Hospitals / Medical Centers in various states such as NY, IL, FL, GA, AK, AZ, CA, MT, NM, OR, TX and WA

OT pay

Direct Hire, Immigrant Visa Vacancies

Test preparation and processing assistance for NCLEX and English language exam

Cost of 1 take of NCLEX, IELTS/OET and Visa Screen to be shouldered by the employer upfront

Relocation Support (1-way flight to the U.S., arrival bonus, free 1 month accommodation and more)

Family / Dependent Migration Support

Free Medical Insurance

Annual Leave

U.S. Citizenship Eligibility after 5 years

3-Year contract

No placement or Processing fee


At least 2 Year post-license and current clinical experience

Must be currently employed

NCLEX or Non-NCLEX passers are welcome to apply


Placement through a U.S.-based immigration agency that's been in operations since 2008

Recruited thousands of professionals on E.B.-3 immigrant visa

Has 7 offices in 4 different continents, the newest of which is located in the Philippines


Send your updated CV to then wait for a Recruitment Officer to get in touch with you.


Contact Aila through +63917-128 4132 / +63998-293 2051 or 

Claire through +63956- 663 0054

Abba Personnel Services Inc.

Upper Ground Floor, North Podium

Pioneer Highlands, Pioneer St. cor EDSA

Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines


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