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Experience the Numerous Benefits for Mental Health Nurses at Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

The United Kingdom stands out as an exceptionally attractive destination for nurses, becoming one of the most sought-after work locations. It is due to several factors, including its thriving economy, competitive salaries and benefits, a high standard of healthcare, abundant job opportunities, streamlined processing times, and excellent working conditions. These vast improvements are primarily credited to their healthcare board, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and the proactive administration of the government.

Opting to work in the U.K. comes with the assurance of job stability, as the demand for healthcare professionals remains consistently high. Since nurses are recognized as the backbone of the NHS, they enjoy heightened job security when affiliated with NHS Trusts. This is a testament to the significant improvements made within the healthcare sector, ensuring a fulfilling and stable professional journey for nurses choosing the United Kingdom as their workplace.

On the other hand, we understand that the idea of moving and working in a different country can be intimidating. However, with the right employer, there's no need to fear trying something new. This challenging yet remarkable experience can contribute to your personal and professional growth, and a trustworthy employer will assist you with the necessary adjustments to make your new home feel comfortable. And that, nurses, is something you should be eyeing for.

Well, what can we say? It's really worth noting that the U.K. has a robust working environment that nurses admire. Even if you're a newcomer to a Trust or hospital, you won't feel isolated or out of place. The U.K. boasts a stable Filipino community within NHS Trusts, ensuring you'll be part of a workplace filled with outstanding individuals. A competent and encouraging workmate who is committed to helping you progress and develop in your profession.

When you choose a nursing career within the NHS, you gain authorization to access a broad range of training courses designed to enhance your skills and foster continuous improvement in your career as a nurse in the United Kingdom. Choosing the NHS signifies a commitment to ongoing professional development, ensuring that you stay in line with the latest advancements in healthcare and contribute effectively to the well-being of your patients.

One of the most important factors of working within the NHS is their focus on supporting nurses by ensuring favorable working conditions so that nurses can still have the work-life balance situation that they deserve. Nurses in the U.K. earn competitive salaries and enjoy various benefits, including overtime pay and priority placement in the NHS employment bank. Additionally, the NHS shoulders several costs, offers the fastest and easiest recruitment process, provides assistance for your OSCE preparation, and offers many other perks.

Talking about the many benefits when you work with NHS Trusts, as a registered nurse in the U.K., you will have access to the following benefits: 

  • Opportunities for career development and progression

  • Opportunities to contribute to and be involved in quality improvement initiatives

  • Access to a wide range of training and development opportunities, including University Courses funded by your hosting organization

  • Peer support and international staff networks

  • Regular clinical supervision and opportunities for reflective practice

  • A preceptorship program lasting up to 12 months, supporting the development of your competence and confidence as a newly registered nurse with the NMC

  • Supernumerary status to support your settling-in period

  • Pastoral support both pre and post-OSCE and associated materials/resources.

The NHS is indeed committed to supporting the well-being and professional growth of its staff within the trusts. As you know, Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Trust's nursing teams on the Scarisbrick unit were declared the winners of the Mental Health Nursing category at the RCN Nursing Awards 2023 (the U.K.'s national awards for nurses and nursing support workers) The award ceremony took place at the Liverpool Cathedral last November 2023.

Led by Senior Staff Nurse Michaela Heaton and in partnership with service users, the team created the Bus Stop, offering short therapeutic interventions on the inpatient unit. Originally a hallway where people chatted with nurses, the space has been transformed into a safe and welcoming social area through collaboration with Lancashire County Council, Lush, and Unilever. Ms. Heaton obtained official bus stop signs, and staff were trained to create and lead activities.

LSCft continues to strengthen its commitment to Mental Health Nurses by prioritizing their health and well-being.  Aside from staff benefits, LSCft cares about your health and well-being—both physical and mental. Therefore, they provide counseling and psychological support to help you deal with personal and professional problems that may be affecting your home or work life, or both. If you feel that you need psychological counseling, you can dial their confidential helpline, which is available 24/7. Additionally, there's a U.K.-based independent charity called Doctors in Distress that is dedicated to protecting mental health and preventing suicide in health workers through confidential facilitated support groups.

Being at Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust (LSCft) also entitles you to a lot of financial well-being support and other benefits. It's clear how much money worries and stress can affect individuals' well-being, which is why LSCft offers to help you take control of your finances by providing the following assistance: Salary Finance, affordable loans through Payroll Pay, the NHS Credit Union (a financial cooperative providing loans, savings, and a range of services to its members), the Employee Assistance Programme, Money Helper, the Household Support Fund, and other forms of assistance.

If you wish to be part of this Trust, check out the details below for more information.


Mental Health Staff Nurse Vacancies (will accept applicants with experience in psychiatric or elderly facility)

Lancashire, United Kingdom


Band 4 starting salary: 25,147GBP (~ 1.7M+PHP) per annum

Band 5 salary: 28,407GBP (~ 1.9M+PHP) per annum after passing the OSCE

27 days paid annual leave

3-yr. contract

OT pay & priority in NHS employment bank

Extra payments for evenings, nights, and weekends

Free flight to the U.K.

Provided accommodation for 3 months

Welcome package upon arrival

Free CoS, OSCE Training & OSCE Test (1x)

Reimbursement of costs: passed IELTS/OET & CBT, Healthcare and Visa fee, & NMC application fee

Access to the generous NHS Pension Scheme

10,000PHP cash incentive for IELTS / OET passers (exclusively on Abba; to be given after successfully passing the employer interview and CBT)

No placement/processing fee


Non-IELTS/OET passer applicants are welcome to apply but being a passer is an advantage

IELTS / OET passer

IELTS: at least 6.5 in W and at least 7.0 in SLR

OET: at least C+ in W and at least B in SLR

At least 12 mos. of hospital work experience (will accept applicants with experience in psychiatric or elderly facility)

CBT passer or with Booked CBT

No more than 12 months of work gap


Send your CV, IELTS/OET result (if available upon application), valid PRC ID, & passport to


originally established as a mental health and learning disability provider, now catering a wide range of community-based services for the 1.8 million people in Lancashire and South Cumbria

located in Lancashire—a county in the North West England that's 80% rural, bordered with a long coastline, where the famous Morecambe Bay can be found 

a Trust that has won the award of the 'Best UK Employer of the Year for Nursing Staff' at Nursing Times Workforce Summit & Awards 2023


Contact Marlyn through +63917-312 8533

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