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Grab the Chance to Expand your Medical Skills with Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital, a State-of-the-Art Rehab Facility in Abu Dhabi!

One of the factors that may contribute to the effectiveness and success of an institution may come from the meticulous planning and thoughtful design of its facilities. This is particularly crucial in the healthcare sector, where facility management needs extra attention to guarantee quality service. Healthcare facilities serve as an environment that requires careful planning, design, and regulation to ensure the safety and well-being of patients, staff, and visitors alike. Such environments must be equipped with the necessary resources and infrastructure to facilitate exceptional care, creating a conducive atmosphere for healing and recovery.

The environment within a healthcare facility plays a vital role in shaping patient experience and enhancing workforce productivity. A well-crafted and properly maintained space fosters better patient care and contributes to heightened employee morale, engagement, retention, and overall productivity. This may sound a little too much, but hey, it's no surprise that our healthcare workers spend most of their time in a healthcare setting, so it's essential that they feel comfortable and inspired by their surroundings. Investing in a well-designed healthcare environment can be a wise investment for a facility's long-term success.

Allow us to introduce Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital, a groundbreaking specialty hospital set to redefine the future of rehabilitation care in Abu Dhabi. This facility presents a combination of cutting-edge technology and clinical expertise tailored to meet the diverse needs of rehabilitation patients. Accredited by JCI since 2021 and affiliated with The Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, formerly known as the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, this hospital prides itself on offering world-class rehabilitation services in the heart of the region.

Spanning across 8 floors and boasting a total of 166 beds, this revolutionary healthcare facility is committed to delivering exceptional care to every patient through its 7 specialized centers:

  • Aqua Therapy Center

  • Outpatient Center

  • Pediatrics Center

  • Long-Term Care Center

  • Endoscopy Center

  • Acute Rehabilitation Center

  • Intensive Rehabilitation & Medical Care Center

Each center is staffed by highly skilled professionals and equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic tools, ensuring the highest standards of care and treatment. These centers serve a distinct purpose: aiding patients in their recovery journey from injuries, illnesses, and various medical conditions that require specialized rehabilitation care.

In addition to its specialized centers, SRH stands at the forefront of rehabilitation care with their pioneering therapeutic suites;

  • Bayt Al Qudra. Bayt Al Qudra is an endurance suite specifically designed with a focus on neural and physiotherapeutic activities. This exceptional suite provides exclusive access to the latest rehabilitative equipment, emerging technologies, and advanced modalities aimed at fostering scientifically proven pathways to healing. 

  • Aqua Therapy Suite. This suite offers a transformative therapeutic experience that focuses on utilizing water activities to aid rehabilitation and patient recovery by enhancing muscle coordination and balance. This space includes high-tech lifts, a control room, reception facilities, and more, all designed to prioritize patient privacy and ensure optimal treatment.

  • Sensory Rehabilitation Chamber. Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital also houses a chamber that can be utilized for sensory modulation or sensory integration. This chamber is designed to be more sensory supportive, and is used to aid patients with moderate to profound cognitive impairment.

Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital is poised to revolutionize rehabilitative care in the region through pioneering therapy in a healing environment. Yet, the hospital's offerings extend far beyond. Working within this state-of-the-art facility not only provides a rewarding experience but also exposes you to the latest innovative technologies in the rehabilitation industry, further enhancing your medical skills and expertise.

On top of this incredible chance to experience the latest ventures in rehabilitative care, you’ll receive a tax-free monthly salary of up to 16,000AED (~245,400PHP), covering Housing, Transportation, and Cost of Living Allowance. Being a part of this facility will also provide you with the following comprehensive benefit packages: Medical Insurance, Paid Annual Ticket Allowance, End of Service Incentive, and other benefits as mandated by MOHRE UAE Labor Law.

If you wish to be part of this thriving healthcare facility, check out the details below for more information.


Staff Nurse Vacancies

Specialized Rehabilitation Hospital  - Abu Dhabi, UAE



✔ Long-Term Ventilated Unit

✔ High Dependency Unit

✔ Pediatric ICU

✔ Post-Acute Rehabilitation 

✔ Long-Term Care Unit

✔ Operating Theatre

✔ Endoscopy

✔ Recovery Room

✔ Occupational Therapist

✔ Respiratory Therapist/Sleep Technician - ICU


- Monthly tax-free salary amounting up to 16,000AED (~245,400PhP) depending on the area. Total monthly salary covers Housing, Transportation, and Cost of Living Allowance

- Basic Salary starts at 4,000AED (~62,600PhP)

- 2-years renewable contract

- Paid Annual Ticket Allowance

- 48 hours per week with 12 hours per shift (Day and Night shift)

- 22 Working Days Paid Annual Leave and other Types of Leaves (Sick Leave, Compassionate Leave, Maternal/Paternal Leave, etc.)

- Medical Insurance

- Compensatory Off or Overtime Pay

- Paid Continuing Medical Education Leave for 2 Calendar Days

- End of Service Benefits

- Other Benefits as mandated by MOHRE UAE Labor Law

- No Placement or Processing Fee


- Minimum of 3 years Post-License Experience

- Must be DOH/HAAD passer; if none, willing to take the exam as soon as possible will be considered too

- With completed or ongoing Dataflow

- With RPSGT certification for Respiratory Therapist/Sleep Technician


- Email your CV to and wait for our recruitment officer to get in touch with you.


- Associated with The Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, which provides exceptional rehabilitation services across the USA.

- Proud recipient of JCI accreditation since September 2021 because of its remarkable dedication to research medical science and aspiration for professional advancement to its staff.

- Consists of specialized doctors, therapists, and expert healthcare professionals who provide world-class rehabilitation services in the heart of Abu Dhabi.


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