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Experience the Upgraded Salary and Benefits Package of Insight Global Health For Nurses

There are multiple countries around the globe that are considered as top work destinations for healthcare professionals, particularly nurses, who aspire to work overseas. Some of the most prominent work destinations for nurses are Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and of course, the U.S. These countries offer a wide range of benefits for nurses, including opportunities for career development, excellent working conditions, and competitive salaries. As a recruitment agency that specializes in deploying nurses to different hospitals abroad, we've witnessed how dedicated and passionate the nurses are about achieving their professional goal - which is to become a registered nurse in the U.S. What can we say? There's no doubt that the U.S.  is well-known for its high-quality care and has a large and diverse healthcare system that nurses aim to join. Not only that, but the U.S. also has some of the world's leading medical facility equipment and research institutions that nurses aspire to engage with to further expand their knowledge and advance their careers in the nursing profession.

Yes, the benefits are all fascinating and everything. However, one thing that holds nurses back from reaching their dream of working in the U.S. is because of the country's lengthy and complicated application process which is indeed a huge concern for nurses. As a result, they seek new opportunities, even if it means in different countries that have a much simpler and faster process for nurses to ensure that their applications do not take years to be processed. Well, worry no more! Let us break the news and tell you that there's actually a quicker way to your American Dream and that the long wait for reaching it is finally over! You read that right, nurses! 

Through our reputable U.S. client - Insight Global Health's H-1B cap-exempt Visa processing, you can get to work and live in the U.S. sooner than usual! But first, let's discuss about the benefit of an H-1B cap-exempt visa.

An H-1B Visa is a non-immigrant visa that authorizes specific U.S. employers to make a petition to the U.S. government allowing foreign workers to enter the country and work in specialty positions for a certain amount of time. The employers are also the ones who will sponsor the H-1B visa for their workers with an initial duration of 3 years. However, the employer can also extend this duration for up to 6 years by filing a new petition. Nevertheless, the H-1B non-immigrant visa is not guaranteed and is subject to an annual cap, which limits the number of visas available every year. But you don't have to be concerned about all that, nurses! There is a visa that is considered your 'golden ticket' to the U.S. which can make your way swifter than you can imagine.

Insight Global Health (IGH) offers its nurses the H-1B CAP-EXEMPT visa, which is not affected by the retrogression. Another advantage of the H-1B cap-exempt visa is that it is not subject to the annual lottery and its corresponding timeline. For example, those under the regular H-1B visa typically spend specific months registering for the lottery, waiting for the results if they have been selected or not. And even if these regular H-1B visa holders are approved, they can't start their employment until a given distinct date. In contrast, workers under the H-1B cap-exempt category can be hired at any time of the year and can begin their employment as soon as their visa is approved. Moreover, workers can receive the said visa right away without waiting for the annual lottery.

What's more? IGH doesn't stop with the H-1B cap-exempt visa processing. They also offer exclusive and competitive salaries and benefits to you, nurses! Take a look at the rundown of what's in store for you at IGH:

  • Starting salary at 50.68 USD per hour. From 47.69 USD/hr, the new hourly pay rate for H-1B cap-exempt visa holders is 50.68 USD/hr (~2,838.08PHP per hour).

  • Exclusive benefit offers only by Abba. For approved IGH candidates, get a total of:

               1. PHP100,000 bonus for NCLEX and IELTS/OET Passers. 

               2. PHP50,000 bonus for NCLEX Passer.

               *Terms and conditions apply

  • 5,000USD landing bonus. Receive a (~285,000PHP) landing bonus offered by IGH upon your arrival in the U.S.

  • Upfront / Free payment of the following:

- IELTS/OET Review

- CGFNS VisaScreen 

- License Endorsement

- Evaluation Service

  • Reimbursement before deployment:

- NCLEX Registration, Scheduling Fee and Exam


  • Free / Covered fees:

- I-129 Filing

- H-1B Visa Fee

- Airfare

- Fully furnished accommodation for 2 months

  • Paid training at Grit Academy. IGH provides a comprehensive 16-week paid training in a simulation laboratory located in Manila. For those candidates outside Metro Manila, you're eligible for hotel accommodation, food allowance, and travel assistance.

  • Local Concierge Service Available 24/7. There will be a dedicated local concierge service that can assist you 24/7 while working in the U.S. Its team can help guide you regarding housing, transportation, opening a bank account, local schools for your dependents, etc.

Applying to Insight Global Health (IGH) means you need to have passed an English language exam, whether it be the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or (Occupational English Test) OET. The good thing here is that when you apply with Abba, we can enroll you to 9.0 Niner for the English Language Review and endorse you to Tracker for the processing of your CGFNS Visascreen and Washington License. Most of the costs involved in these processes will be provided UPFRONT by Abba.

Do we need to say more? Start your USRN application now through Abba! Sign up at or You may also contact Rossa at +632 8554-0556 / +63917-704 5081 / +63918-286 1876 for more inquiries.

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