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Explore the Beauty and Benefits of Germany with Talentscoutry!

Since many European countries, including Germany, face a shortage of nurses due to the increasing population, the demand for international nurses here grows consequently. Hence, they started tapping professionals from other countries, including the Philippines. While some nurses need clarification about why Germany is a great place to consider practicing their profession and maybe migrate in the future, we, as a recruitment agency, are happy to share the experiences of some of our deployed nurses. As a matter of fact, they can attest that this country has an excellent healthcare system that can contribute to your professional growth and personal development. Like the U.S. and U.K., this country is also one of the most popular migration destinations worldwide. Scroll down to learn more!

Did you know? The city of Berlin in Germany is nine times bigger than the city of Paris. No wonder Berlin has a five-story railway station called Berlin Hauptbahnhof, known as the largest train station in Europe. Relevant to the transportation business, Germany is one of the world's largest car-producing countries. Top-selling car brands are BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. Indeed, its automotive industry is one of a kind!

Germany is culturally and historically prosperous. Who would want to avoid visiting and exploring these well-known, astonishing castles scattered in this country? Germany offers a great variety of castles and palaces that serve as tourist attractions that lay isolated in the countryside to be perfectly preserved. Did you know? Germany has more than 25,000 castles, and most are at least 100 years old; some have been turned into hotels, cultural centers, and museums. 

It is said that German castles were built throughout the Middle Ages to defend their land against the invaders, building castles with high stone walls. Well, what can we say? Inside this vibrant nation, there are so many things to discover!

This country has a solid, diverse workforce that strengthens fair treatment and equal rights for everyone. When you choose to work in this country, you don't feel like an outsider or have to worry about how you can cope with their culture. People here are friendly and welcoming. They are open to different cultures and respectful of one another's perspectives. They are also well-organized people and very particular in orderliness as they greatly value the structure and laws of society. 

In terms of work ethics, Germans are known for being diligent and punctual at work and on occasions and events. There are many good characteristics of Germans that people admire. Working with these great people can help you in various aspects of personal and professional experience. By working with great people and having diverse perspectives, you can have clear and open communication that will enhance your creative skills and broaden your knowledge.

Now that you have some ideas of your possible next work destination, it's time to explore and learn the opportunities this country has for you through our highest-paying German employer - Talentscoutry. Join us on our upcoming event this December 15, Friday 4 PM - 6 PM via Zoom. With speakers from Abba Personnel Services and the Talentscoutry, you'll know the numerous opportunities waiting for you in Germany! 

Secure your slots now by signing up at or You may also contact Aly at +63917 713-1362 for further inquiries.

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