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Face-To-Face Interviews; Yay or Nay?

As the COVID-19 pandemic affects us and keeps us all socially distanced, virtual or online events, interviews, webinars, and conferences have instantly become a primary way for organizations to conduct gatherings. Schools, companies, organizations quickly switch from in-person experiences to virtual conferences. By how this 'new normal' impacted the community in every aspect, many people were obliged to follow and adapt this new way of socializing and learning.

Virtual events are becoming a more and more popular tool for businesses to reach and engage with their customers. There are also many ways to promote events and conferences using different social media platforms to connect with your target audience. Modern technology has equipped us with numerous tools we can use for a much faster, easier, and convenient way when it comes to communicating and interacting with other people. Virtual events/interviews somehow became an alternative way to extend your business' engagement, but it's still challenging - specifically for those in the recruitment industry.

The hiring process has changed as most organizations shift to remote work. Talking about online interviews, it became the most preferred one by candidates/applicants as they can save much of their time and costs when applying for a job. Efficiency and convenience is what the applicant is aiming for; there's no need for them to leave their home and spend money for travel expenses. On the other hand, recruiters take advantage of it too as they won’t have to rent a venue where they will interview their candidates and spend on other expenses needed for in-person events. However, despite the good things that come along with this new technology, there are still limitations this modern way has to offer.

We are all aware of how convenient online interviews can be. Employer's online interviews have been adopted by many and are continuously circulating the globe. Even though many people are used to meetings done in the virtual world, face-to-face ones are undeniably preferred in some cases. No matter how widespread online recruiting can be, many companies still conduct face-to-face interviews, as they value the importance of personal interaction and evaluation of their candidates.

Partnering with the best and most esteemed employers from various countries for Filipino nurses is a vital factor in our accomplishments in the industry. We at Abba have always chosen only the best overseas clients for our fellow countrymen. Yes, we are still conducting some online employer interviews and events, but we will not put aside the benefits and great experiences we can achieve by implementing in-person occurrence.

Our company opt to be exposed to different events of various reputable organizations to explore more in-person situations, and achieve a wider network by connecting with them. Relevant to this, we, too, can relate to how challenging it is to gather participants for a face-to-face event; not everyone is willing to attend knowing that they can find orientations and events somewhere that's being done virtually. Nevertheless, face-to-face events and interviews build valuable relationships and develop networking. It provides a sense of sincerity, intimacy, and connection that is difficult to reflect via online video. In-person interviews also help you with more accurate communication; free from some technological distractions which can really affect your performance in your interview.

So, next time you think twice about attending an in-person event whether it is a job interview or an orientation, think of what you can gain rather than what you will spend. You’ll be surprised you’ll achieve more than what you are expecting to have.

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